Jet fighters and chess moves in Holland

by ChessBase
6/22/2003 – The Dutch Team Championship is in its play-off stage. We sent our trusty photo reporter Jeroen van den Belt to get some pictures of the action. Trusty? Jeroen spent most of his time at an air show that was, fatally, being held on the route to the playing site – a casino.

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Dutch Team Championship
Playoffs KNSB 2003

The play-offs for the Dutch team chess competition is being held from June 21-22 in the Holland Casino in Enschede (near the German border). The four teams that qualified for the semi-finals (Saturday June 21st) and finals (Sunday June 22nd) are:

  • ZZICT (Breda)
  • HSG (Hilversum)
  • Zukertort (Amstelveen)
  • ING/ESGOO (Enschede)

All 20 games are being broadcast live. Games start 13:00 CET on Saturday and 12:00 CET on Sunday.

We sent one of our programmer Jeroen van den Belt, to take some pictures of the event. Jeroen is responsible for the spectacular photo-realistic 3D boards in Fritz, as well as many cool server functions (for instance the NASA globe pictures). Jeroen is also a keen chess player and lives close to the Dutch boarder, so it seemed natural to ask him to go on the photo gathering expedition. Unfortunately Jeroen is also a technology freak, and when he came across an air show on the way to Enschede he spent most of his time looking a jet fighters rather than the more sedate action of the Dutch Team Championship.

Here is Jeroen's photo report.

How to get there? Finding your way around the Dutch countryside

Jan Timman's private jet, which he uses to get to tournaments.

Just kidding! On the way to Enschede I came across an air show which could not be ignored. It was pretty impressive – quite different from a quiet game of chess.

Spectacular formation flight acrobatics by military jets

I especially liked the Italian pilots with there TriColor team

Back to Chess. The Championship was held in a special location: a Casino.

No windows, no clocks for getting any temptation to leave the building.

The teams in full battle

The new DGT chess clock of the sponsor was used everywhere

Loek van Wely (right), one of the top players

The Dutch chess legend Jan Timman

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