Jeel Shah Cheating Incident—Mobile Phone under the Sleeves!

4/6/2017 – Yesterday, we reported on the cheating scandal that took place at the Dubai Open 2017 where and Indian chessplayer Jeel Shah was caught cheating red-handed by the arbiters. Today, we have a detailed report narrating the entire story from Dubai, along with comments by various victims of the cheater, including titled players. Also, you will be shocked to know Jeel Shah's profession. Report.

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Jeel Shah Cheating Incident—Mobile Phone under the Sleeves!

We reported previously about the incident where Surat-based Indian player Jeel Shah was caught cheating in the third round of the Dubai Open 2017.

Further investigation has revealed what exactly transpired.

Jeel Shah, who has a standard FIDE rating of 1764 and seeded 192nd out of 213 players in the tournament, caught the arbiters’ attention because of suspicious behavior during his game against 14-year-old Dushyant Sharma of India.

After closely monitoring his actions, International Arbiter (IA) Mahdi Abdul Rahim, the tournament’s chief arbiter, summoned Shah to the arbiter’s office for an inspection, where he was found to be hiding a mobile phone under the sleeves of his shirt. Shah refused to comply with the arbiters’ request to turn the phone on to check if it was being used to run a chess program, prompting tournament officials to expel the Indian player from the tournament.

The shocker: he is a chess coach and runs a chess academy in Surat, India!

Incidentally, this is not the first time IA Mahdi Abdul Rahim has been the star of the show. Rahim had also caught two-time Georgian champion GM Gaioz Nigalidze cheating in Dubai Open 2015! [Photo from Dubai Open 2015 by Amruta Mokal]

A notable episode occurred at the Hyderabad Open 2016, held in December of the previous year.

Jeel Shah's performance at the Hyderabad Open 2017.

Read the ChessBase India special report with comments by IM Arghyadip Das who played the cheater in the Hyderabad tournament, and also other players' comments from previous experiences with Jeel Shah here.


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