Ivanchuk wins 51. Capablanca Memorial

by André Schulz
6/21/2016 – The Capablanca Memorial is a tournament with a long tradition. The first of these events to honor the Cuban Champion was played in 1962, this year saw the 51st edition. Six of the previous 50 tournaments were won by Vassily Ivanchuk. This year he won for the seventh time. With four wins and six draws Ivanchuk scored 7.0/10 and was one point ahead of his closest rival.

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Finals standings

The following game is typical for Ivanchuk's smooth play in the tournament. With Black he tried a slighly unusual opening and equalized easily. He then gradually increased the pressure which provoked White to commit a decisive error.



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gmwdim gmwdim 6/22/2016 05:02
Not a whole lot of decisive games in this tournament.
nimzobob nimzobob 6/22/2016 01:52
Why not win the exchange with 24. ... Bc5 instead of Qd6?
CecilDeVere CecilDeVere 6/21/2016 07:38
Bruzon had just come from playing in the American Continental Chess Championship, where he fared poorly, despite being the Top Seed. He seems to have a crisis of form, and he may have cracked. It is possible that he was tacitly obliged to compete in the Capablanca Memorial, when he was not in the correct frame of mind to do so. Maybe some compassion is in order.
KevinC KevinC 6/21/2016 07:21
Die spammer.
erykah erykah 6/21/2016 02:58
what happened with Bruzon Batista?