Interviews with Dana Reizniece Ozola and Arkady Dvorkovich

by André Schulz
10/29/2021 – The FIDE is currently in an excellent position with its Presidium. Arkady Dvorkovich was Deputy Prime Minister of Russia and organised the World Cup. Managing Director Dana Reizneice was Minister of Economy and Finance of Latvia. On the occasion of the Grand Swiss in Riga, they both gave insightful interviews.

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For many years, the World Chess Federation was not managed very professionally. This has changed with the last election of the president in 2018.

Arkady Dvorkovich, the new President of the FIDE, is the son of a very well-known Russian chess arbiter, was an economic advisor to the Russian government and then Deputy Prime Minister. He was for some time chairman of the Russian Football Federation and organiser of the 2018 World Cup, so he has many contacts in sport and politics.

He was elected FIDE President at the end of 2018 and has subsequently brought many competent professionals into the FIDE leadership team.

One of the experts is Dana Reizneice.Ozola. She was European Junior Champion in chess and played several times for the national team of Latvia. After her studies, she made a career in politics and first became her country's Minister of Economy, then Minister of Finance. Now she is Managing Director of FIDE - a stroke of luck for the World Chess Federation.

After the Grand Swiss could not take place on the Isle of Man because of the Corona Pandemic, the Latvian capital Riga became the host – certainly not by chance.

Interview with Arkady Dvorkovich

Interview with Dana Reiniece-Ozola


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