Interview with Nihal Sarin

by Arne Kaehler
5/7/2024 – With all the Indian Grandmasters popping up, it is getting difficult to keep track. One of them is the talented Nihal Sarin, who became the 53rd GM in India, at the age of 14. In March 2024, he was a Super grandmaster for a couple of days, but it won't be long, until he crosses the 2700 mark for good. He visited the ChessBase office because he was playing for the Hamburger SK chess club that weekend. In the short interview with Arne Kaehler, Nihal's passion for chess is crystal clear - enjoyment!

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Interview with Nihal Sarin

In this interview with GM Nihal Sarin, we speak about his coaches who influenced his chess journey, like Dimitri Komarov. Nihal adds a "sir" to them, so in the interview, he speaks of Komarov sir, for example.

Furthermore, Nihal shows a quick chess trap, which he used against another GM in a classical game, to win just after a few moves.

We talk about Nihal's main reason, he enjoys chess so much, and who taught him to move the pieces. He recommends two of his favourite chess books as well.

The Indian GM was not an avid engine user, but started playing online very early. Maybe this is the reason, he is one of the best bullet chess players in the world, and can keep up with Hikaru Nakamura, and Magnus Carlsen. But only, if he is in Europe at that time!

Nihal simply enjoys chess, but he is well aware, that his parents and coaches were helping him a lot with this.

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