International Women's Chess Festival in Erfurt

7/2/2017 – It's taking place from Monday, July 31st, to Friday, August 4th, with six tournaments: Ladies Champions Match, Young Masters, Women’s Open, German National Rapidplay & Blitz Championships, Girls Grand-Prix-Final. the entry fee is €55 per player, €35 for players born in 1999 or later. Total prize fund: €6.060. Open to girls and women with a valid FIDE ID. Go register, it will be great fun.

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2nd International Erfurt Women's Chess Festival

With six tournaments: Ladies Champions Match, Young Masters, Women’s Open, German National Rapidplay & Blitz Championships, Girls Grand-Prix-Final

Venue: Radisson Blu Hotel Erfurt, Juri-Gagarin-Ring 127, D-99084 Erfurt, Tel. +49 (0) 361 5510-0 Fax +49 (0) 361 5510-210, E-Mail:, Web:

Organization: Thomas Pähtz, Gartenstraße 1 a, D-99098 Erfurt-Kerspleben, Tel: +49 (0) 36203 735592 E-Mail:

GM Thomas Pähtz, 60, father of Germany's strongest female player Elisabeth, was three times champion of the German Democratic Republic

Date: Monday, July 31st to Friday, August 4th

Participants: Any girl or women with a valid FIDE ID

Tournament: 9 Rounds Swiss System:

Regulations and rate of play: 90min/40 moves + 15 min to finish + 30s per move starting from move 1. Default waiting time is 30 min. During the first 30 moves players cannot agree to a draw without the consent of the arbiter. First tiebreak: Elo average of opponents; second tiebreak: number of wins. The tournament will be FIDE-Elo and DWZ rated.

Prizes: Total €6.060: 1st place € 1,400, second place €1,100, third place €800, 4th place € 600, 5th place € 400, 6th place €300, 7th place €200, 8th – 10th places €100 each. Further information on the price fund can be found on the tournament home page. In addition there are 17 additional software prizes provided by ChessBase.

Entry Fee: Early registration (until July, 20 th 2017): €55 per player, €35 for players born in 1999 or later. For late registrations (after July, 20 th 2017) fees will be increased by €10. Participation is free of charge for GMs, IMs, WGMs and WIMs. Registration is confirmed upon receipt of the entry fee.

Bank Details: Account Holder: Schachfoerderverein Region Erfurt e. V., Bank: Sparkasse Mittelthueringen, Reference: Women’s Open, IBAN: DE29 8205 1000 0125 0172 86, BIC: HELADEF1WEM

Accommodation: Special offer of the Radisson Blu for "Women's Open": single €86, double €116, incl. breakfast. Tel +49-361-5510-292

Schedule: Monday, July, 31st 2017 tournament registration, latest by 9 am, 1st round: 10 am, 2nd
Round: 4 pm; Tuesday, August, 1st 2017, 3rd round: 10 am, 4th round: 4 pm; Wednesday,
August, 2nd 2017: 5th round: 10 am, 6th round: 4 pm; Thursday, August, 3rd 2017: 7th
round: 10 am, guided city tour: 4 pm; Friday, August, 4 th 2017: 8th round: 10 am, 9th
Round: 4 pm, closing ceremony: approx. 9 pm.

Ladies' Championship Match between Alexandra Kosteniuk and Elisabeth Pähtz

Some registered participants

Name: Karina Szczepkowska
Born: 1987
Country: Polen
Rating: 2408
Title: WGM

Would like to have dinner with Magnus Carlsen, Teimour Radjabov, Judit Polgar; relaxes with music, books and walks; drinks green tea with high quantities of magnesium and calcium; will not reveal her dream (because then it would not be fulfilled).

Name: Marina Brunello
Born: 1994
Country: Italien
Rating: 2367
Title: WGM

Would like to have dinner with Elisabeth Paehtz, Merab Gagunaschwili und Baadur Jobava; relaxes by playing football with girlfriends; likes to drink red wine; dreams of becoming a grandmaster.

Name: Atousa Pourkashivan
Born: 1988
Country: Iran
Rating: 2292
Title: WGM

Would like to have dinner with Vladimir Kramnik, Peter Svidler, Magnus Carlsen; relaxes with sleep and music; favourite drink: freshly pressed papaya juice; dream is becoming the women's world champion.

Name: Irina Bulmaga
Born: 1993
Country: Rumänien
Rating: 2408
Title: IM

Would like to have dinner with Garry Kasparov, WGM Ekaterina Atalik, Viorel Bologan; relaxes with her family and on trips to Moldova and England; drinks unfiltered beer and dry red wine; dreams of getting the male GM title and to emigrate to Crete, one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Name: Filiz Osmanodja
Born: 1996
Country: Deutschland
Rating: 2368
Title: WIM

Would like to have dinner with Dennis Wagner, Rasmus Svane, Matthias Blüblaum, Alexander Donchenko,,Hanna Marie Klek; relaxes with medical books, walks, table tennis, playing saxophone and alto flute; favourite drinks: Cola Light, and Cola Zero; dreams of becoming women's world champion.

Name: Sarah Hoolt
Born: 1988
Country: Deutschland
Rating: 2398
Title: WGM

Would like to have dinner with Judith Fuchs, Filiz Osmanodja, Veselin Topalov; relaxes with jogging and watching series with Judith; favourite drink: fruit smoothies; dreams of a holiday in New Zealand.

Name: Fiona Sieber
Born: 2000
Country: Deutschland
Rating: 2193
Title: WFM

Would like to have dinner with Hou Yifan, Anatoli Karpov, Magnus Carlsen; relaxes with football, running and bicycle riding (and occasionally going to school; drinks water and tea; dreams of becoming an IM and of bungee jumping in New Zealand.

Pictures and information by Franz Jittenmeier, Schach-Ticker


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