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5/17/2011 – Looking for new lines in your favourite opening? New ideas for your next tournament games. In our latest Powerbook series you will find not just lines from master-level games, but also hundreds of thousands of games played between top chess engines – a treasure-trove of unpublished chess knowledge. Best of all: the Powerbooks are inexpensive and instantly available as download. Video tutorial.

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The Najdorf Powerbook

New opening ideas these days are always discovered with the help of our silicon friends. Equally, it’s not rare for the theory that will define tomorrow’s games to be forged in the computer-computer battles in the Engine room on

The new Najdorf Powerbook brings these two powerful elements together and presents you with both the current theoretical standing based on 11,000 master level tournament games and 300,000 high quality engine battles from Playchess to make a gigantic and up to the minute position tree.

This novel approach offers you the complete and definitive evaluation of every Najdorf variation.

Price of each Powerbook: €9.90 = US $14.00
Delivery: Instantaneous as a download
Where to order: in the ChessBase Shop

How to use the Powerbooks

Video Tutorial by Nick Murphy

Najdorf Powerbook 2011 - How to install it

Najdorf Powerbook 2011 - Access via Fritz 12

Najdorf Powerbook 2011 - Access via ChessBase 11

Najdorf Powerbook 2011 - Basics

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