IM Roeland Pruijssers wins Leiden Chess Tournament

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7/22/2008 – With 84 participants, seven GMs and four IMs, the Second Leiden Chess Tournament, staged in the Denksportcentrum of the Dutch city, was taken by Roeland Pruijssers on tiebreak points ahead of GM Erik van den Doel. Four GMs were in the follow-up group, and half a point behind we find a Russian FM with an Indian name: Anish Giri, aged thirteen. Striking pictorial by Frits Agterdenbos.

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After a succesfull start in 2007, the 2nd Leiden Chess Tournament was staged in the Leiden Denksportcentrum from
11th - 20th July 2008. The organization was in the hands of the Stichting Denksportpromotie Nederland, a foundation for mindsports. The main group, for players over 1850 Elo, had 84 participants, including seven GMs and four IMs. The total prize fond was € 6000, with the first prize in the A Group carrying a sum of € 2000.

The tournament was won by IM Roeland Pruijssers, who had the same number of points as GM Erik Van Den Doel, but had a better Buchholz score. Both players are from the Netherlands. Half a point behind them we see a group of five players. Here are the top rankings of the tournament.

Player Elo Pts. BH SB Perf
Pruijssers, Roeland 2452 7.0 53.5 40.75 2561
Van Den Doel, Erik 2567 7.0 52.0 39.00 2638
Pavlovic, Milos 2515 6.5 50.0 34.00 2545
Horvath, Csaba 2537 6.5 48.5 33.75 2502
Slingerland, Fred 2354 6.5 48.5 33.50 2456
Golubev, Mikhail 2480 6.5 47.5 33.00 2488
Gutman, Lev 2497 6.5 46.5 33.25 2416
Van Der Wiel, John 2504 6.0 51.0 30.75 2426
Groetz, Harald 2405 6.0 50.5 32.25 2400
Giri, Anish 2430 6.0 50.0 30.25 2472
Sandipan, Chanda 2588 6.0 49.5 30.75 2492
Van Halderen, Herman 2109 6.0 41.5 26.25 2170
Goes, Sten 2101 6.0 41.0 25.50 2266

Photo impression by Frits Agterdenbos

A fisheye-view of the playing hall in Leiden

The winner: IM Roeland Pruijssers, Netherland, rated 2452

Second on tiebreak: GM Erik van den Doel, Netherland, 2567

Third: GM Milos Pavlovic, Serbia, 2515

Fourth: GM Csaba Horvath, Hungary, 2537

Fifth: FM Fred Slingerland, Netherlands, 2354 – made an IM norm in Leiden

Sixth: GM Mikhail Golubev, Ukraine, 2480

Seventh: GM Lev Gutman, Germany, 2497

Eighth: GM John van der Wiel, Netherland, 2504

Tenth: FM Anish Giri, Russia, 2430 – thirteen years old!

Eleventh: GM Chanda Sandipan, India, 2588

14th: IM Amon Simutowe, Zambia, 2459

All photos by courtesy of ChessVista – Frits Agterdenbos. Many more pictures are available on this web site.


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