'I’m deeply disappointed by the FIDE decision'

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5/7/2013 – As you know the International Chess Association has awarded the 2013 World Championship to the south Indian city of Chennai – in spite of a protest by the Norwegian Chess Federation. There was speculation that challenger Magnus Carlsen might pull out, but he has now confirmed that he will play – under protest. Meanwhile the news channel VG-Nett tells us what awaits him in Chennai.

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Statement by Magnus Carlsen

After qualifying for the World Championship match by winning the London Candidates I have been highly motivated for, and looking forward to the World Championship match against reigning champion V. Anand.

I’m deeply disappointed and surprised by the FIDE decision to sign a contract for the 2013 match without going through the bidding process outlined in the WC regulations, and for not choosing neutral ground. The bid from Paris clearly showed that it would be possible to have more options to choose from.
The lack of transparency, predictability and fairness is unfortunate for chess as a sport and for chess players.

My team and I will now start preparing for the match. The main thing now will be to come to an agreement with the Indian Chess Federation and FIDE regarding terms and conditions before and during the match. I really hope this process will run quick and smoothly.

Lastly, I will not let the news from Baku diminish the joy and excitement derived from playing the top level Norway Chess tournament starting tomorrow.

Magnus Carlsen, May 6th, 2013

Carlsen needs to go to India for the World Championship match
reads the title of the article in VG-Nett (click to read it – in Norwegian).

Here is what awaits Carlsen during chess world championship in India

Heat, crowds, spicy food and lots of noise is what Magnus Carlsen (22) has in store when he travels to India to play a World Championship match against Vishy Anand (43) in November. India is colorful. There are stalls in the streets, beggars and much attention will be paid to him as a foreigner. There will be noise, sound and color. All pretty intense, India expert and associate professor at the University of Oslo and Akershus, Anne Kristine Waldrop, told VG.

Chennai has about 4.5 million inhabitants, making it the sixth most populous city in India. The average temperature is around 30 degrees in November. The city is also situated by the sea, making it moister. I think Chennai will be finished with its rainy season in November, and is moving into a cooler, more comfortable season, says India Expert Waldrop.

In addition to the climate and the culture, the food will also be a new experience for a Norwegian. Waldrop Carlsen warns against eating just anything. "The worst thing that can happen to him is a sick stomach. In South India the food is even spicier than in the north, where it is not uncommon to eat peppers raw, straight from the plant. Many who travel to India experience stomach problems, and it is wise to take medication," she said. She believes Carlsen should go down with a lot of time to acclimatise. "That applies to any athlete who performs in a foreign location," she said.

A World Chess Championship will be held in a big hotel. The four-star hotels in India are among the finest in the world, and have a huge amount of luxury. "Carlsen's team can probably strictly isolate themselves," she says.

Read the full article (in Norwegian) here

May 5, 2013: Paris could host Anand, Carlsen tie
Chennai's hope of hosting the prestigious World Chess Championship match between Viswanathan Anand and Magnus Carlsen is under serious threat with Paris emerging as a contender after the World No. 1 Carlsen's objection to the venue.

May 7, 2013: Anand's challenger Carlsen resigned to Chennai as venue?
Reigning champion Viswanathan Anand and India have won the mini-battle in the World chess championship match against challenger, world No. 1 Magnus Carlsen. After the All India Chess Federation and FIDE signed an agreement in Baku (Azerbaijan) on hosting the match in Chennai from November 6 to 26 this year, the official statement from Norway's Carlsen suggests that the challenger has accepted the 'away' disadvantage.

FIDE's decision to choose Chennai lacks transparency: Carlsen
Magnus Carlsen has expressed "deep disappointment" at world chess governing body FIDE's decision to award the World Championship final to Viswanathan Anand's hometown Chennai, accusing them of "lack of transparency."

Carlsen disappointed, but up for Chennai
The decks were cleared for Chennai to host this year’s World Chess Championship match when on Monday, Magnus Carslen, the contender and world No1 from Norway, accepted it as a venue albeit with reservations. Carlsen will play defending champion Viswanathan Anand in the November 6-26 tie that has been allotted to Chennai by Fide, chess’s world body.


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