III Int.Chess Festival – Eforie Nord

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6/24/2011 – With the summer just starting in the northern hemisphere, numerous tournaments and festivals are held in vacation spots hoping to attract chess players seeking a fun event without forgoing a genuine holiday. The quaint Romanian town of Eforie Nord, with beaches on the coast of the Black Sea, is holding its third chess festival, and we have a lovely photo report by Sergey Tiviakov.

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III International Chess Festival Eforie Nord 2011

By Sergey Tivikov

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Eforie is a town located on the east coast of Romania, which is an enjoyable vacation spot thanks to its beaches on the Black Sea. In spite of its small size (the official population is under 10,000), it enjoys a football team in Romania's Liga III. Sergey Tviakov is currently playing in an open held there, and took the time to share some pictures of the area and event.

Hotel Petrolul - the tournament locale - and where they are staying

Sergey Tiviakov in the hotel lobby

A rear view from the hotel with the village and Romanian expanse in the background

The front view with the docks and the beaches on the Black Sea

A side view with bathers enjoying the calm waters

Tiviakov suitably suntanned

Alexei Fedorov

The center of town

This street is where you can shop for essentials such as inflatable mattresses

A souvenir shop

The area offers a rich choice of shells hence the specialty store

A closer look at the selection

Still, there is no need to buy them as they are so easy to find all over

Shellfish lovers can only rub their hands in delight

Nevertheless, a healthy array of fruits and vegetables is not hard to find

The main activity of choice though, is the beach

Tourists and locals enjoying the weather

A view from some rocks to the south

A residue from World War II, this bunker is a permanent fixture on the beach

Some fisherman opting for an alternate form of leisure

In the distance one can make out Constanta Port

Water bodies can be found all round, such as this small salt water lake behind Hotel Europa

And there is Lake Techirghiol

Still, the tourism is only part of the trip, one must not overlook
the chess tournament

The playing hall, a gymnasium, with the top boards

Roxana-Ana Anton

Irina Ionescu

Grandmaster Vadim Malkhatko (2546) residing in Belgium

Russian grandmaster Alexei Gavrilov (2478)

A shy Anna Zozulia hides a smile

The players enjoying a friendly chat before the round starts

Andra-Marina Chirita

Matei-Alexandra Taposu

Diana-Maria Serbanescu

Standings after four rounds

Rk Tit Name FED Rtg Pts.
1 GM Tiviakov Sergei NED 2622 3.5
2 GM Malakhatko Vadim BEL 2546 3.5
3 GM Gavrilov Alexei RUS 2478 3.5
4 GM Fedorov Alexei BLR 2592 3.0
5 IM Petrosian Suren ARM 2392 3.0
6 IM Miron Lucian-Costin ROU 2506 3.0
7 GM Manolache Marius ROU 2545 3.0
8 IM Cosma Ioan ROU 2410 3.0
9 IM Zozulia Anna BEL 2371 3.0
10 GM Badea Bela ROU 2491 3.0
11 WGM Peptan Corina-Isabela ROU 2421 2.5
12 WGM Cosma Elena-Luminita ROU 2328 2.5
13 CM Telea Stefan ROU 2110 2.5
14 FM Ogleznev Alexandr MDA 2335 2.5
15 IM Nevednichy Boris M MDA 2269 2.5
16 WGM Ionescu Irina ROU 2245 2.5

Complete results


The games are being broadcast live on the official web site and on the chess server Playchess.com. If you are not a member you can download a free Playchess client there and get immediate access. You can also use ChessBase 11 or any of our Fritz compatible chess programs.

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