Ian Gillan (Deep Purple): "Chess is great for your mind!"

by André Schulz
8/10/2020 – Ian Gillan is the singer of the legendary rock band "Deep Purple" which recently released their 21st album, called "Whoosh!". In an interview with the German newspaper "Lübecker Nachrichten", Gillan, who will turn 75 on August 19, 2020, revealed his passion for chess.

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Deep Purple was founded in 1968 and since then has sold an estimated number of 130 to 150 million albums and created legendary songs such as "Smoke on the Water", "Highway Star" or "Child in Time".

In 1976 the band broke up, but in 1984 Deep Purple reunited again around singer Ian Gillan, since 1969 member of Deep Purple, and bass player Roger Glover, who had also joined the band in 1969.

The most successful songs of Deep Purple are marked by Ritchie Blackmore's guitar, Jon Lord's Hammond organ and the voice of Ian Gillan who will celebrate his 75th birthday on August 19, 2020.

On August 7, 2020, Deep Purple released their 21st and latest album, called Whoosh!.

If the corona pandemic and the health of the band members allows, Deep Purple would also like to go on tour again. 

On the occasion of the release of Whoosh! the Lübecker Nachrichten, a German newspaper, interviewed Ian Gillan, and in this interview Gillan revealed his passion for chess:

Extracts from the interview:

Ian Gillan: I would also suggest that children should be taught to play chess. It's valuable, for life. You learn to think a step or two ahead, you learn to become more rational, more detached. That's a huge benefit in any argument.

LN: Are you a good chess player?

Ian Gillan: In school I was a member of the chess club, but I am only averagely gifted. I love the game, it's great for your mind. I don't think anyone should run for political office until they've proven they're a member of a chess club. Some of these idiots who are currently in power can't anticipate anything at all, and that's why they keep failing.

Translation from German: Johannes Fischer


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