How to Play the Queen's Indian

by ChessBase
4/26/2007 – Since its birth in the early 20th century the Queen's Indian Defence (QID) has become one of the very classical weapons against 1.d4. The Mega Database 2007 counts nearly 75 000 QID games. With his latest ChessBase CD Dimitij Oleinikov offers a surprisingly smooth tool to master this atractive opening as Black or to learn how to meet it as White. Buy it now or read more.

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Dmitri Oleinikov: How to Play the Queen’s Indian
Review by Carsten Hansen

"This CD is exactly what it purports to be, a guide on how to play the Queen’s Indian. However, the focus is on instruction, rather than theory, and it is geared towards those who really want to understand the fundamentals of this opening.

The material is divided as follows:

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01. Contents
02. How to use this CD
03. Introduction
04. Getting acquainted with the QID: Queen’s Indian Defence
05. A dozen Black brilliancies
06. A dozen White brilliancies
07. Essential tactics through opening traps
08. Strategy: typical pawn structures
09. Strategy: Piece behaviour
10. Theory in brief: necessary explanations
11. Theory in brief: The Central system 4.e3
12. Theory in brief: The Fianchetto system with Bb7 (Classical main line)
13. Theory in brief: The Fianchetto system with Ba6 (Modern main line)
14. Theory in brief: The Petrosian line 4.a3
15. Theory in brief: Sidelines
16. Useful additional information

In the above database texts, there is a link from each of the “Theory in brief” sections to a “game” where Oleinikov reviews the most essential theory for each line. Yet, in comparison with the overall volume of the subject and the amount of games played in this opening, it is almost mind-blowing how little theory is discussed on this CD.

Chapter "Theory in brief: The Petrosian line 4.a3" "

Survey showing the essentials for the Petrosian line

In addition to the texts, there are databases on strategy (33 games and 54 training questions); on Tactics and Traps (also 33 games and 55 training questions); and a traditional database with 78,000+ games. I wholeheartedly recommend this to those who want to play this opening as Black or learn how to meet it as White.

My assessment of this CD: * * * * * - excellent!"

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