How do I become King?

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7/4/2003 – On Saturday we start a new weekly tournament on our server. The Champions Challenge is a knock-out tournament in which titled players and the tournament winners of the week before can participate. The prize fund is 2,000 ducats. So if you have won a tournament already, or you have the rank of "King" on the server you can participate. Here are all the details...

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Date and Time: Saturday, 5th July 2003, 5.00 pm (GMT +2)

Mode: Blitz (5+0), knockout matches for two wins

Prize: 2,000 ducats for the winner


  • 17:00h Registration
  • 17:10h End of registration
  • 17:15h First round
  • 17:45h (appr.) Second round
  • 18:25h (appr.) Quarter finals
  • 19:05h (appr.) Semifinals
  • 19:45 (appr.) Final

Tournament director: Reinhold Goldau

The tournament rules published in the server news section apply. Participation in the tournament implies full acceptance of these rules.

Eligible for participation:

  • The two first-placed winners of the previous Karl Trophy, the Chess Today Cup, the Fast Blitz Tournament on Thursday and the Friday Blitz Tournament;
  • The winner of the Bullet Tournament from the previous Tuesday;
  • The members of the winning team in the previous Match of the Week;
  • Players invited by ChessBase;
  • Players who register on Saturday immediately before the tournament starts, and who will be considered for the following reasons: Players with the rank of V.I.P, players with the rank of King, players with the rank of Queen, players with the rank of Rook (in that order). If not all players in a certain group can be admitted into the tournament the rating will decide.

How do Match Tournaments work?

  • The tournament director announces the tournaments via chat. After all participants, eight, sixteen or thirty-two, depending on the size of the tournament, are registered, the matches begin.

  • The colors in the first game are allotted by chance, but afterwards the colors always alternate. After the end of the previous game – and a short break of 20 seconds – the program starts the next game automatically. If a player won the necessary number of games the match comes to an end. The winner advances into the next round, the loser is eliminated.

  • The next round starts as soon as all matches of the current round come to an end – but not before the time given by the tournament director.

  • In the pairings of the first round the program takes the ratings into account e.g. to prevent the two highest rated players playing each other in the first round. The players are set according to their ratings. In the following rounds the players advance according to the tree the program established before the first round.

  • Longer breaks only occur if one match is finished and the winner has to wait until the other matches of this round come to an end. For the sake of better planning, the tournament director will announce the starting times for the individual rounds at the start of the tournament. However, this is just a guess and it is possible that rounds will start earlier than announced.

How do I become King?

Only FIDE Grandmasters (male and female) can become Kings on the server (i.e. get a king symbol in front of their names). To get this rank you need a fully registered account. Send us an email giving us your handle and your full name. You must also send copy of an ID document (passport, driving-license etc.) which proves your identity. If you have further questions or if you want to send the required mail, please write to this address.

Which advantages do I have when I am King?

Apart from receiving special treated when playing tournaments such as the Champions Challenge Kings can also earn ducats when playing on the server. How much they can make depends on their own rating, the ratings of their opponents, and the number of spectators during a game. But soon Kings will have another opportunity to increase their income: playing simuls for ducats, the server-currency.

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