Homecoming of a champion

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12/1/2013 – The World Champion turned 23 years old yesterday. His plane's arrival was rgreeted at the airport by a mob of fans and news media giving him a grand entrance worthy of a movie star. Still, in spite of the interviews and autograph-giving, he was probably even happier with the gift that none other than his favorite soccer team gave him: the official kickoff to Real Madrid's game.

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Homecoming of a champion

The World Number one and newly crowned World Champion has returned to the European Continent. He was greeted in the arrivals hall with flowers, hugs and an endless amoung of reporters, but even before that he was given a special welcome by the Oslo Airport.

Magnus Carlsen was received with water cannons and flash rain when his plane arrived at the runway!

(Photograph by Cornelius Poppe / NTB scanpix)


There was simply no way that he was avoiding the reporter's onslaught upon his
arrival. (Photograph by Ørn Borgen)

Carlsen was calm at his reception and answered many questions. He was polite about his match against Anand - a reporter even called it the most convincing result in 103 years in a World Championship match. However as his usual self Carlsen simply said that he had a rough beginning, but after he found his game the second half was smooth and Anand had no chance.

When asked about his future plans the World Champion mentioned that there is still much to do in the chess world. Many tournaments to win and many players who has not beaten to defeat. When asked if he would consider challenging the strongest computer to a match he repeated his lack of desire to do so.

Today the World Champion turned 23 years old, and he received quite an amazing birthday present:

Who are these guys?

He was greeted by the Real Madrid team - his favorite soccer team - and was even the guest of honor of today's game between Real Madrid and Valladolid and he made the opening kick.

Sergio Ramos, the Merengue super star, greets Magnus onto the field

Magnus received a very warm reception by in the Bernabeu

Here is a clip of Magnus doing the kickoff. Please forgive the commentators who don't follow one of the world's most popular sports:


Real Madrid won handedly their game with a 4-0 margin. Carlsen had previously mentioned in an interview that he did not want to be compared to Lionel Messi, the Argentinean super start that plays for Real Madrid's archnemesis, Barcelona. He would rather be compared to a player from Real Madrid - if Carlsen were to be one player from the Merengue squad, who would it be?

In any case, the new World Champion seems to have enjoyed himself thoroughly on his birthday.

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