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by ChessBase
12/16/2001 – Well not exactly. But when you install our new high-resolution map data files a visit to the Fritz 7 Playchess server becomes a breath-taking experience. With rivers, lakes and populated areas you get a much better idea of where you opponent is. We have some typical pictures and information on how you can get the world map upgrade here

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Making friends all over the world

When you create an account on the Fritz 7 (Playchess) server it is good to enter your geographic position (the city in which you live or the exact geo-coordinates). After this when you log on you appear as a red dot on the world map. You can also find other visitors on the globe, see where they are located and find out more about them.

In December 2001 we upgraded our map software. The new high resolution map data files for the globe in Fritz7 are to be found on the Powerbook 2002 CD in a directory called "HighDetailGlobe". In order to use them you must have 128 MB or more of RAM installed on your computer. The files are simply copied into the Fritz 7 directory. After that you can switch on the options "High resolution maps", "Populated areas", and "Lakes" in the menu Tools – Options – Globe Settings:

What does this do to the world maps. Well, let's take a look at the first version. This is what a small section of Europe looked like until now:

Click the picture to enlarge

After installing the new high resolution map data files the same section looks like this:

Click the picture to enlarge

Each visitor is represented by a red dot. When you move the mouse arrow on a dot, the name of the player is shown. Right click to find out all about this player (picture, rating, etc.). You can also right-click a visitor in the players' list and use "Show on map" to find out where the player is located on the world map.

You can zoom in quite a lot to see exactly where a visitor is located. In the above example you can see that the ChessBase office is located somewhat to the north of Hamburg, while the writer of this report is to the south of the Elbe river. Because it is so cool here is a section of the east coast of the USA:

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As you probably know you can click on the button "Show Day/Night" at the bottom of the screen to display the day/night shadow of the sun. That way you can tell whether you opponent is playing late at night, early in the morning or in the middle of the day.

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The new high resolution map data files for the globe in Fritz7 are to be found on the Powerbook 2002CD.

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