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9/26/2017 – You may have noticed some changes on the News page recently. Today we unveiled an updated design for individual posts, which we hope you'll regard as an improvement. Last week was the soft-launch of a new Quiz feature you can find in the right sidebar available for ChessBase Account holders. Did you know who finished in fourth place at the 2007 Wijk aan Zee tournament? Try it out!

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New design and quiz feature

In response to reader feedback, we've revised the typography of News articles to increase readability, and make better use of space. The font size and style have been increased and improved considerably. We will also switch the aspect ratio of our photos starting from today to 3:2, a slightly wider standard more common for today's cameras, instead of the older 4:3 aspect. Here's a comparison (click or tab to enlarge):

Design comparison

Old (left) and new (right) design


Also from today, your comments in the discussion section at the bottom of every article are presented in reverse chronological order, so the newest are always on top. You can jump straight there with a click or tap on the "X comments" below the headline or directly from the main News overview page.

The Chess Quiz

Do you know which female film star had an IQ of 168 and a weakness for the royal game? Which German chess grandmaster is very tall (over 6’7”) and used to play basketball for his school as well as in a regional under-17’s squad? Which national team was caught cheating at the 2010 Chess Olympiad? Then you might be a star in our new Chess Quiz. You will need to have a ChessBase Account to participate, and then you will see the new app button in the right sidebar:

The Chess Quiz button jumps you straight to the quiz action

Click or tap to get the first question, then click one of the four answers offered. It will turn green if you get it right.

You will find many questions on chess history and culture, as well as on some very well-known and some lesser-known chess stories and anecdotes waiting for you. The multiple-choice test format gives everyone a chance of getting the right answer, and of course, taking a wild a guess or two won’t hurt either. This is a totally novel way to enjoy the game of chess!

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Your score is displayed at the bottom, plus an evaluation of your performance in an Elo-like scale.

If you click the wrong answer it will turn red, and the correct one will be green:

If you do not agree with the solution given, or otherwise have comments on the question, click on the "Feedback" button and enter your answer to let us know.

Chess News

Click or tap "Chess News" in the sidebar to return to the News page.

We hope you'll enjoy this new site are and welcome your comments or suggestions! If you prefer to send a private comment to the editors, you can always use the Feedback page, linked at the bottom of every article.

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