Harikrishna wins Essent Crown Group

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11/2/2005 – One of India's brightest young talents, Pentala Harikrishna, won the Ninth Essent Chess Tournament last weekend. "Hari" had a full point lead before the last game in this four-player double round robin event, which included Ivan Sokolov, Emil Sutovsky and women's world champion Antoaneta Stefanova. Illustrated report.

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The Ninth Essent Chess Tournament (Hoogeveen) was held from October 21st to 29th, 2005. The reigning women's world champion Antoaneta Stefanova was part of the Crown Group, a four-player double round robin event. But with 160 rating points lower than the third seed, Emil Sutovsky, Stefanova did not really have a big chance.

The winner of the Crown Group: Pentala Harikrishna

The rating favourite Ivan Sokolov was overtaken in the final table by one of India's brightest young talents: Pentala Harikrishna won the tournament with 4/6.

In the Essent Open the clear winner was Vladimir Baklan, who was half a point ahead of six GMs, and a full point better than top seed Suat Atalik. Here are the top scorers:

No. Player               Pts Rat. Perf
 1. Baklan, Vladimir     7.0 2590 2698
 2. Nijboer, Friso       6.5 2545 2600
    Rozentalis, Eduardas 6.5 2585 2601
    Brodsky, Michail     6.5 2564 2641
    L'Ami, Erwin         6.5 2541 2547
    Rogers, Ian          6.5 2556 2532
    Goloshchapov, Alex.  6.5 2523 2581
 8. Atalik, Suat         6.0 2620 2574
    Naumkin, Igor        6.0 2445 2513
    Van der Wiel, John   6.0 2503 2524
    Ernst, Sipke         6.0 2473 2499
    Wells, Peter K.      6.0 2513 2439
    Cebalo, Miso         6.0 2512 2453
    Grooten, Herman      6.0 2350 2472
15. Willemze, Thomas     5.5 2363 2519
    Kharitonov, Alexandr 5.5 2545 2486
    Jonkman, Harmen      5.5 2446 2473
    Negi, Parimarjan     5.5 2352 2453
    Jens, Jelmer         5.5 2366 2389

Pictorial report

By Frits Agterdenbos

The four players in the Crown Group: Stefanova, Sutovsky, Sokolov and Harikrishna

The last round game between the Indian talent and the women's world champion ended in an 11-move draw. Harikrishna was leading by a full point and only needed this draw to secure first place. In the second round he had defeated Stefanova with the black pieces.

The round six game between Sutovsky and Sokolov. The latter won in 57 moves.

The postmortem between Sutovsky and Sokolov after the game

Top seed Ivan Sokolov, who could not catch Harikrishna

Israeli GM Emil Sutovsky

Women's world champion Antoaneta Stefanova

Glass pieces decorate the Crown Group

The press center, where the players would come to surf

Dutch GM Friso Nijboer (left) missed a win against Eduardas Rozentalis in the final round. Both players shared 2-7 place.

The winner of the Open: GM Vladimir Baklan of Ukraine

Top seed Suat Atalik

Japan's legendary Shogi Champion Yoshiharu Habu scored five points and came 20th in the Essent Open Chess Tournament

15-year-old Dutch player Vincent Rothuis made an IM norm in the Essent Open

Tom Bottema and Habu playing Shogi in press center

Antoaneta Stefanova with one of her biggest chess fans: Dutch GM Harmen Jonkman

TD Jeroen van den Berg with Open winner Vladimir Baklan

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