Harikrishna catches Gelfand in Bermuda

2/9/2005 – With a black win in the last round the young Indian talent Pentala Harikrishna was able catch Israeli GM Boris Gelfand, who had led for most of the t2005 Bermuda Invitational. The event was a six-player double round robin. We bring you games and pictures.

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2005 Bermuda International Invitational Tournament

The Bermuda Invitational, a double round robin with six players, was held in the Harmony Club, a beautiful hotel (with free Internet access for guests!) built in the traditional Bermudian cottage-style architecture. It ran from January 30 to February 9th 2005. Israeli GM Boris Gelfand led for most of the event, but in the last round he was caught by Indian talent Pentala Harikrishna. Here is the final standing:

Minister of Communications and E-commerce Michael Scott makes the first move in the round one Vescovi-Harikrishna game, with TD Carol Jarecki watching

Israeli GM Boris Gelfand in the Bermuda Invitational

India's Pentala Harikrishna, who tied with Gelfand for first

Third on tiebreak: Cuban GM Lenier Dominguez

GM Volokitin Andrei of Ukraine

GM Giovanni Vescovi from Brazil

GM Bartlomiej Macieja from Poland

The participants at the Harmony Club

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