Harikrishna, Almasi win soccer match

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8/4/2006 – There were six decided games at the György Marx Memorial in Paks, Hungary, of a total of 21 in the first seven rounds. India's Pentala Harikrishna won two, as did Hungary's Zoltan Almasi, who also lost one (to Harikrishna). On the free day th players got together for a soccer match, with both Hari and Almasi on the winning team. Picture report and annotated games.

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The IV. György Marx Memorial is taking place from 28 July to 7 August 2006 in Paks, Hungary. It is in commemoration of the famous physicist György Marx, and is intended to give the most talented young local grandmasters an opportunity to gain experience. The main patron of the tournament is József Kovács, the director-general of Nuclear Power Plant Ltd. Paks. The venue is College of Paks, Dózsa György str. 95, Paks. Time controls are 2 hours for 40 moves, then 1 hour till the end. there is also an Open and a Rapid event being held in Paks.


Title Name
GM Harikrishna, Pentala
GM Almási, Zoltán
GM Efimenko, Zahar
GM Wang, Yue
GM Berkes, Ferenc
GM Ács, Péter
Average rating: 2622, Category 15

After round seven

Top seed Pentala Harikrishna won his round one and three games against Zoltan Almasi and with black against Peter Acs. Almasi won two games, against Wang Yue and with black against Ferenc Berkes, while Wang won a game against Peter Acs, who lost one to Zahar Efimenko as well. And that is the sum total of decided games. Of the 21 games played so far six were decided (two with white and four with black), fifteen were drawn, which comes to 71%. In the last three rounds all games were undecided.

Picture gallery

The playing location in the Paks College auditorium

The audience in the auditorium seats

Transmission on the screen behind the players

Round four game in which Black won in a Sicilian Richter-Rauser

Zoltan Almasi vs Ferenc Berkes in round six

Pentala Harikrishna, 20, 2682, India

Zoltán Almási, 29, 2672, Hungary

Zahar Efimenko, 21, 2632, Ukraine

GM Wang Yue, 19, 2626, from China

The 2nd of August was a free day, and some of the players tested their strength on the soccer field. The victorious team included: Almasi, Berkes and Harikrishna, on the other side were Acs and Wang (as goalkeeper!).

Almasi in blue, Wang in black and Berkes in grey

A critical middlegame position, with Harikrishna minding the goal

And on the other side Hari tries to launch a mating attack


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