Hannes goes through the roof

8/29/2002 – The Icelandic Chess Championships 2002 has turned into a triumph for Hannes Stefansson. After eight rounds he was leading with a perfect 8.0 score. In round nine he lost his first game against Helgi Gretarsson, who was trailing 2.5 points behind in second place. Still Stefansson's performance is an incredible 2702 (he is rated 2588). More

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Hannes the menace finally stopped!

GM Hannes Stefansson (above) was finally stopped in tonights round by GM Helgi Ass Gretarsson. It looked like Stefansson would stroll through the tourney with 11 out of 11 such was his form and confidence.

Hannes is often nicknamed 'The Robot' or 'Hannes the menace' because of how afraid young Icelandic players are of him. Apparently GM Gretarsson is not!

GM Gretarsson vs GM Stefansson

But still he leads with 8 out of 9 and Gretarsson trails him with 6.5. Stefansson is still a lock to win the tournament, despite his minor setback in the quest of perfection.

Bragi Thorfinnsson

Tonight FM Bragi Thorfinnsson won with the black pieces against IM Bjarnason. This win secured a 9-game IM norm for Thorfinnsson and his last IM norm. Now all he has to do is pass the 2400 mark to reach the title.

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