Gustafsson's Marshall Gambit: review in the British Chess Magazine

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12/20/2011 – The idea of playing the Marshall Gambit has always appealed – giving up a pawn but immediately gaining a lasting initiative as Black seems like a fair deal. And what better way to have the opening explained than by the German grandmaster Jan Gustafsson (current FIDE 2634), who by all accounts is one of the leading authorities on this particular opening. Review in the BCM.

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A Complete repertoire against 1.e4
Volume 1: The Marshall Attack- Gustafsson- Chessbase DVD

Review in the British Chess Magazine by Adam Hunt

This is the first in a series of two DVD’s designed to complement each other as a repertoire against 1.e4.

Gustaffson’s English is excellent and he maintains the viewer’s interest by throwing in the occasional joke through the course of the DVD. He advocates main lines which are being played at the very top level, and as a result of this theoretical debate, opinion as to the best way to play the Marshall is changing fast. I like the way he suggests his own novelties and improvements, which have obviously been studied at home to a great depth! (In one particular line, he shows a checkmating attack vs GM Naiditsch which he had in his preparation at home prior to the game).

Similarly the Anti-Marshall variations are covered to a high standard, and to a club player this is important as in my experience allowing the gambit is a fairly rare beast in weekend tournaments these days (Being a Spanish player with White myself I am loathe to allow it).

Some will be put off by the number of sharp variations that it seems you are required to learn, but Gustaffson also explains the strategic points of the opening well, and how a general understanding of the structures and plans will give you a playable game. All in all a highly recommended DVD – I am looking forward to Volume 2!

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