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5/6/2023 – D Gukesh made a fantastic start at 28th TePe Sigeman & Co Chess Tournament 2023 in Sweden. He destroyed Germany's No. 1 Vincent Keymer with a spectacular bishop sacrifice. This win takes the 16-year-old's live rating to his career highest at 2741, and elevates him to the World's No. 15. Listen to Sagar Shah of ChessBase India explain and enthuse over the game.

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Gukesh (2730) has never lost a rated game against Vincent Keymer (2700). He has beaten Keymer five times in-a-row in all formats of the game including Chess960 in ten days last year in Biel GMT. It goes without saying that Gukesh had both psychological and statistical edge over his opponent even before a move was made.

The maestro Vishy Anand liked Gukesh's execution of the excellent sacrifice and tweeted:

Black had made the positional mistake of 21...Nc4-d6. It allowed White to launch a devastating attack 22.Bxh6! which he was certainly aiming for in this position.

Watch Sagar's very instructive commentary of the game

Here's the game on our replay board, where you can follow Sagar's analysis, and start an engine (fan icon) to clear up any questions he hasn't addressed.

Gukesh is now World No. 15, and India's No.2:

With a career high live rating of 2741 he is now just 13 points behind his mentor and teacher, five times World Champion Viswanathan Anand. Prepare for a full assault, Vishy! 

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Chris38 Chris38 5/6/2023 04:29
I adore Viswanathan Anand & Dommaraju Gukesh!! They're Praxis Brings Me Joy!!
lajosarpad lajosarpad 5/6/2023 02:18
Gukesh had an exceptional performance in the latest Olympiad as well, even though he had a painful defeat then. Maybe he will be able to maintain a level head this time. The lad is brilliant.
MortenMH MortenMH 5/6/2023 01:58
Malmö is just across the Øresund from Copenhagen, so the tournament is being played in Sweden - not Denmark...