Guess the child prodigy

by Arne Kaehler
9/22/2020 – When was the first time in your life you played chess? Most probably at the age of six to eight years? Whatever the answer is, we have an adorable quiz about young titled chess masters for you. If chess is a big part in your life, which isn't a bad thing at all, you should be able to guess at least seven out of twelve correctly. Here is your challenge!

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Who are these kids

The young talents you are about to see have grown into exceptional chess players. You have surely seen all of their faces in their adult state, but rarely how they looked like as a children. If you think of some outstanding details of their faces, e.g. the haircut, eye colour, lips, jaw structure or even the ears, you might be able to tell who is who. 







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Fritz & Chesster!

Maybe interesting to add, that we have a special software made for kids to learning chess in a playful and fun way. It has been awarded with the "German Computer Games Award"


Arne Kaehler, a creative thinker who is passionate about board games in general was born in Hamburg and learned how to play chess at a very young age. Through teaching chess to youth teams and creating chess content on YouTube, Arne was able to extend this passion onto others and has even made an online chess course for anyone who wants to learn how to play this game. Currently, Arne blogs for the English news page of ChessBase and focuses on creating promotional and entertaining articles.
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Classique Classique 9/25/2020 02:32
6 has got to be Aronian. Look at the soulful look in the eyes--Aronian's picture in shows the very same look. Look at the broad forehead under the child's hair and the slightly-broadened end of the nose. What a cute kid!
adalthor23 adalthor23 9/24/2020 02:22
1) Fabiano Caruana 2) Nigel Short 3) Peter Leko 4) Vishy Anand 5) Magnus Carlsen 6) Sergei Karjakin 7) Samuel Resvevsky 8) ? 9) Arturo Pomar 10) Anna and Maria Muzychuk 11) Elisabeth Pähtz 12) Kateryna Lagno
Muratnemutlu Muratnemutlu 9/24/2020 09:47
3. Leko
Muratnemutlu Muratnemutlu 9/24/2020 09:44
1. Caruna, 2. Short, 3? 4. Vishy, 5. Magnus, 6. Levon, 7. Reshevsky, 8. ? 9. Pomar, 10.Muzychuk Sisters, 11. Lisi Paehtz, 12. Lahno
Frederic Frederic 9/23/2020 11:08
Okay, you got it (almost) Hans-Georg. Sorry for deviously slipping picture 2 into the quiz. The prodigy is the older person, and it is indeed Nigel Short, back in 1984. He is trying to teach my 1½-year-old son Tommy chess. Nigel wanted to see if it was possible. Didn't work at the time, but Tom played his first semi-legal game – he didn't know castling, en passant or promotion – when he was two years and 11 months (and 20 days). But don't tell the authorities about that. You can read about the lad here: Today he is a 2800 programmer.
Hans-Georg Kleinhenz Hans-Georg Kleinhenz 9/23/2020 07:21
Nr. 8 is Nigel Short with his daughter
illious illious 9/23/2020 05:02
Is nr. 8 Gata Kamsky?
e-mars e-mars 9/23/2020 03:28
Nr. 8 Alexander Morozevich
Jurchesscu Jurchesscu 9/23/2020 10:39
If it is a devious one, I'll try a guess: it is Peter Leko. Even though he was at nr 3 as well.
Frederic Frederic 9/23/2020 10:31
Nobody got Nr.8? Okay, I'll admit, it's a little devious.
prairiekid prairiekid 9/23/2020 07:27
#8 Kasparov
geeker geeker 9/23/2020 06:11
Nice quiz. Still can't get #8...Kasparov is my wild and likely incorrect guess.
Green22 Green22 9/23/2020 04:45
@Queenslander - what? you can't be talking about Fischer? not a Prodigy?? lol what time era were you living in? 90's? He was a chess prodigy, at age 13

Brush up and get educated about BF.. nothing personal but you're way off.
MeisterZinger MeisterZinger 9/23/2020 01:35
Correct, number 9 is Pomar. Documented in Winter's chess histories, with this exact photograph, among other places. (He also has a very cute one of Pomar playing Ossip Bernstein, who is puffing on a stogie, wearing a beret, and looking about as Bohemian as a chessplayer can get.) Photograph number 7 is also in the Winter chess-prodigies pictorial, but I'm not going to say who it is. :-)

.Is the subject of number 8 the big "kid" or the little one? If the big one, Kramnik looks possible, although I can't even be sure of gender, let alone identity. If the little one, a complete mystery, although I wonder about Skripchenko, again with gender uncertainties on both.
Queenslander Queenslander 9/23/2020 12:50
Good call - Bobby was not a child prodigy, Reshevsky looks like a weary old man in a child's body, Magnus looks like he is completely innocent of chess, Nigel needed a Boomtown Rats t-shirt, where is Judit?
GR2 GR2 9/23/2020 12:40
I think 9 could be Fischer
PauloSunao PauloSunao 9/23/2020 12:04
1. Fabiano Caruana 2. Nigel Short 3. Peter Leko 4. V. Anand 5. Carlsen 6. Levon Aronian 7. SAmuel Reshevsky 8. Vassily Ivanchuck 9. Arturo Pomar 10. The Muzychuk sisters 11. Elisabeth Pähtz 12. Kateryna Lagno
caliche2016 caliche2016 9/22/2020 11:55
Number 9 could be Arturo Pomar from Spain
nirvana1963 nirvana1963 9/22/2020 11:54
Nr 9 is Arturo Pomar for sure. I'm a member of the chess club 'Pomar' in the Netherlands so I really should know this kid...
marcweeks marcweeks 9/22/2020 11:21
#3 seems like Wesley So to me.
Halflash Halflash 9/22/2020 10:23
6. Levon Aronian !
prairiekid prairiekid 9/22/2020 09:45
#9 Pomar
tom_70 tom_70 9/22/2020 09:34
@magic_knight, Yes, I think you are correct.
rubinsteinak rubinsteinak 9/22/2020 09:33
1. Fabi
2. Nigel
3. Leko
4. Vishy
5. Magnus
6. Petrosian?
7. Reshevsky
8. ?
9. ?
Grewia Grewia 9/22/2020 09:27
3. Peter Leko 11. Elisabeth Pähtz 12. Kateryna Lagno
tom_70 tom_70 9/22/2020 09:21
@meisterzinger, I think #9 might be Capablanca, but it's hard to tell from the angle. I got to thinking after posting that it was Rubinstein that he didn't even learn the game till he was 15 and that kid looks a just a bit younger than 15.
Bipolar Bipolar 9/22/2020 08:27
3. Seems Rafael Leitão to me.
Bipolar Bipolar 9/22/2020 08:26
12. Katerina Lahno
LoremIpsum LoremIpsum 9/22/2020 08:22
11. Kosteniuk?
MeisterZinger MeisterZinger 9/22/2020 07:48
#9 is definitely Savielly Tartakower. Oh, wait, you mean the kid, not the grown-up. That's ... someone else whom I will not name here. (I do know, though.)

The Muzychuk sisters were _extremely_ cute.
Michael Jones Michael Jones 9/22/2020 07:36
10 is definitely Muzychuks, not Polgars. Mariya in particular is instantly recognisable. Not sure about 11 and 12.
Magic_Knight Magic_Knight 9/22/2020 07:10
Tom....#4 has to be Anand.
sebtak sebtak 9/22/2020 06:32
3 Leko 6 Aronian 10. Muzychuk sisters
tom_70 tom_70 9/22/2020 06:16
1. Caruana 2. Short 3. ? 4. Kasparov 5. Carlsen 6. Reshevsky 7. Alekhine 8. Kramnik 9. Rubinstein 10. Polgars 11. ? 12. ?