Chess For Kids: online and free

by Albert Silver
2/9/2015 – Among the most popular programs by ChessBase, is the series designed to teach chess to children, "Fritz and Chesster". Until now it was only available on CD from the shop, but now you can enjoy the fun and games approach for free on the web. The colorful cartoons, with cute mini-games to teach the moves, can now be accessed from any browser, even on a mobile device.

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Click here to go directly to Chess For Kids

Although you can access it directly from the link above or at the end, if
you are using one of the other ChessBase browser apps, go to More
Tools, and select Chess For Kids

It will take you to the main screen where you can play the demo, or login to start using it.
The login information is simply your ChessBase/Playchess account, and can be created free.

After you login, as above, you have the option of entering your
serial number. This is the serial that comes with the CD of the Fritz
and Chesster program, but is not necessary to start using the app.

Above is the opening of the cartoon showing how our intrepid hero begins training (playing)
to learn the moves of the chess pieces.

Each scene contains instructions and a mini-game to learn the pieces. The scenes also contain
clickable content that lead to a variety of cute animations.

For example, if you click on the birds they fly away, but after they are gone, click on the statue...

As a demonstration of a game, the above animation is done with cartoon pieces replaying a
famous game. Can you recognize which one?

This is a Pac-Man style game (with high scores and all) in which the player must navigate the
maze to pick up randomly placed coins, while avoiding spiders. It is quite fun.

The colorful backdrops as the story unfolds are all beautifully drawn

It is the perfect medium to teach children, and parents will have fun playing with it with
their young ones. It is a favorite with mothers.

Click here to go directly to Chess For Kids

Born in the US, he grew up in Paris, France, where he completed his Baccalaureat, and after college moved to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He had a peak rating of 2240 FIDE, and was a key designer of Chess Assistant 6. In 2010 he joined the ChessBase family as an editor and writer at ChessBase News. He is also a passionate photographer with work appearing in numerous publications, and the content creator of the YouTube channel, Chess & Tech.


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