Grandelius and Westerberg lead at Swedish Championships

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7/20/2016 – The Swedish Championship in Uppsala is a real chess festival. From 15th to 24th July more than 1,000 players will take part in the various tournaments and enjoy themselves with classical chess but also with other forms of chess such as bughouse. The "Mästarklassen", the Master Class, is a strong ten-player round-robin event with eight Grandmasters. After four rounds GM Nils Grandelius and IM Jonathan Westerborg lead with 3.0/4 each.

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Swedish Championship 2016

By IM Ari Ziegler

Some years ago the Swedish Championship changed its format. Instead of playing for sixteen days now everything is done in twelve. But now the event is more fully packed than ever. Among the novelties the organizers introduced are tournament for kids, problem solving competitions and even a bughouse competition! So far 900 players have registered but by the end of the week we will probably pass the mark of a thousand registered players!

This year we play in Uppsala, one of the oldest towns in Sweden. The archbishop has his residence here and since the late 1100s Uppsala has been an important town for the Swedish Church. With about 140,000 inhabitants it is Sweden’s fourth largest city and its famous university attracts a lot of students.

The university was built in 1477 as Sweden’s first university. However, the university is maybe best known for refusing the doctoral thesis of French philosopher Michel Foucault, one of the most influential thinkers after World War II. (The University of Paris later accepted Foucault’s thesis titled Folie et déraison: Histoire de la folie à l'âge classique. An abridged version later appeared in English under the title Madness and Insanity: History of Madness in the Classical Age and became an influential work). To this day many people feel that Uppsala is a bit bureaucratic and lacks color.

Back to chess: the top group in the Championship is supported by Erik Penser, a down-to-earth, chess loving Banker who respects the efforts of the chess professionals in Sweden and wants to honor them through better prizes. A welcome change for Sweden’s elite players.

After four rounds GM Nils Grandelius and IM Jonathan Westerberg share the lead with 3.0/4. In Grandelius won a crucial, wild and important game against Jonny Hector.



Nils Grandelius (Photo: Lars O A Hedlund)

Standings after four rounds

    Name   Club   SP   +   =   -   Points
1   GM Nils Grandelius   Eksjö SK   4   2   2   0   3.0  
2   IM Jonathan Westerberg   SK Team Viking   4   2   2   0   3.0  
3   GM Erik Blomqvist   SK Rockaden, Sthlm   4   1   3   0   2.5  
4   GM Jonny Hector   Limhamns SK   4   2   1   1   2.5  
5   GM Tiger Hillarp Persson   Malmö AS   4   1   2   1   2.0  
6   GM Daniel Semcesen   Lunds ASK   4   1   2   1   2.0  
7   GM Axel Smith   Lunds ASK   4   1   2   1   2.0  
8   GM Hans Tikkanen   Lunds ASK   4   0   3   1   1.5  
9   GM Pia Cramling   SK Team Viking   4   0   2   2   1.0  
10   FM Tom Rydström   Växjö SK   4   0   1   3   0.5  

Games - rounds 1 to 3


Impressions from Uppsala

Uppsala is a green city

The castle

The university attracts many students to come to Uppsala

Modern and old


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