Grand Prix Chengdu: Humpy Koneru takes lead

by André Schulz
7/5/2016 – After round four of the Women's Grand Prix in Chengdu, China, which takes place from 1st to 15th July, the Indian Grandmaster Humpy Koneru leads with 3.5/4. In round four she played against Tan Zhongyi from China and won her third game in a row. The other decisive game of the round was Ju Wenjun's victory against Pia Cramling. The four other games of the round all ended in a draw.

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Humpy Koneru convincingly outplayed Tan Zhongyi

Tan Zhongyi


With this win Humpy Koneru took the sole lead because Harika Dronavalli drew against Mariya Muzychuk. Should Humpy Koneru continue the way she started and win the tournament she would jump from fourth to first place in the overall standings of the Grand Prix.

Mariya Muzychuk (left) and Harika Dronavalli (right)
clarify some questions before the game.

Olga Girya

Ju Wenjun

Pia Cramling Pia Cramling played an aggressive game against Ju Wenjun
but her decision to sacrifice a piece against two pawns was
a bit too optimistic and in the end caused her to lose.


Round four results

Br. Titel Name Land ELO Erg. Titel Name Land ELO
1 GM Bela Khotenashvili
2470 ½ - ½ GM Xue Zhao
2 GM Pia Cramling
2471 0 - 1 GM Wenjun Ju
3 GM Anna Muzychuk
2555 ½ - ½ IM Lela Javakhishvili
4 GM Humpy Koneru
2575 1 - 0 WGM Zhongyi Tan
5 GM Antoaneta Stefanova
2507 ½ - ½ WGM Olga Girya
6 GM Mariya Muzychuk
2561 ½ - ½ GM Dronavalli Harika

Games - Rounds 1 to 4



Standings after four rounds


Grand Prix standings before the tournament

Tournament page...

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ff2017 ff2017 7/6/2016 04:13
Maybe so we can actually pay attention to women players? If Wimbledon was an open tournament only, there would probably never be a single female in the main 128 draw. However now we get to watch 128 men and 128 women duke it out.
algorithmy algorithmy 7/6/2016 08:50
@ richard khyam vui voon I was about to post that when I saw your comment, in fact I hope one day they will cancel all women tournaments and titles, it's really ridiculous and degrading for women in a game like chess. I really don't understand the point behind organizing only women tournaments in chess!?
richard khyam vui voon richard khyam vui voon 7/6/2016 07:00
When is FIDE going to stop manufacturing Women World Chess Champion?