Saint Louis Rapid and Blitz: Closing Ceremony and Ultimate Moves

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8/19/2017 – The live action continued Saturday featuring the now-traditional trash-talk filled blitz bonanza known as Ultimate Moves. "Team Rex" squeaked out the victory after a 3/3 tie sparked an wild impromptu tiebreak game (not planned in advance), which was unceremoniously concluded by an illegal move made by Randy Sinquefield!

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Saint Louis Rapid and Blitz

Closing Ceremony

Streamed live from the World Chess Hall of Fame

Ultimate Moves blitz

Games and Commentary


Live spectacle from 22:00 CEST


  • Best of 6 games
  • The match will be declared a tie if it ends 3/3
  • There is only one game per round
  • Game 1 will start with 5 moves being played by Rex and Randy Sinquefield and then each player in the team roster plays 5 consecutive moves before giving way to one of their teammates
  • Once the two amateurs at the bottom of the roster (Rachael Li and John Urshel) have played their 5 moves the rotation is reset and starts from the top again
  • The rate of play for all 6 games will be Game in 5 minutes plus 5 seconds increment per move from move 1
  • The match starts at 15.00 local time in St Louis and the games will start at 20 minute intervals 


The teams were chosen yesterday and will consist of the following players (order of play not determined):

Team Randy  Team Rex
Randy Sinquefield Rex Sinquefield
Fabiano Caruana Levon Aronian
Garry Kasparov Hikaru Nakamura
Vishy Anand Sergey Karjakin
David Navara Ian Nepomniachtchi
Liem Le Lenier Dominguez
Rachael Li (7 year old sister of GM Ruifeng Li) John Urschel (former NFL football player)

Games and commentary


Commentary by GM Yasser Seirawan, GM Maurice Ashley, and WGM Jennifer Shahade

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Final blitz standings (not including rapid)


Combined standings (including rapid)

DATES August 13-19, 2017
LOCATION Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Saint Louis
FORMAT 10-Player Round Robin
PRIZE FUND $150,000


Monday, August 14 1:00 PM Rapid | Rounds 1 - 3
Tuesday, August 15 1:00 PM Rapid | Rounds 4 - 6
Wednesday, August 16 1:00 PM Rapid | Rounds 7 - 9
Thursday, August 17 1:00 PM Blitz | Rounds 1 - 9
Friday, August 18 1:00 PM Blitz | Rounds 10 - 18
Saturday, August 19 11: 00 AM Playoff (if necessary)
  3:00 PM Ultimate Moves


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