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6/24/2018 – Wesley So won the first leg of the Grand Chess Tour 2018, the combined rapid chess and blitz tournament in Leuven. The tour continues with an equivalent tournament in Paris, where the French conglomerate Vivendi and its "Canal plus" TV channel is a leading partner of the tournament. Indeed, the games will take place in a television studio. Read our report on day four.

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The second stop of the Grand Chess Tour 2018 is Paris. Again, just as in Leuven, a combined rapid chess and blitz tournament will be played. The tournament continues on Sunday at 12:00 CEST (6:00 AM EDT), with the second day of blitz. Read our report on day four.

In addition to the nine permanent participants of the tour, Vladimir Kramnik will is a wildcard.

Players receive 5 minutes for all moves plus there is a 3-second delay from move 1, meaning that if a player moves in less than 3 seconds the time on his clock remains unchanged.

Round-up show

GM Simon Williams checks in on the action from the second day of blitz.

Final blitz standings


Blitz games and commentary


Commentary by Yasser Seirawan, Jovanka Houska, Alejandro Ramirez (St. Louis)
Maurice Ashley and Romain Edouard (Paris)

Round-up shows

Daniel King and Erwin l'Ami examine the rapid days in Paris.

Final rapid standings


The venue

The venue is a studio of the tournament partner Canal plus on the Seine at 5 Boulevard de la République.

The players


Name Federation Age
Wesley So USA 24
Hikaru Nakamura USA 30
Maxime Vachier-Lagrave France 27
Viswanathan Anand India 48
Levon Aronian Armenia 35
Fabiano Caruana USA 25
Sergey Karjakin Russia 28
Alexander Grischuk Russia 34
Shakhriyar Mamedyarov Azerbaijan 33
Vladimir Kramnik (Wildcard) Russia 42

The first three rounds of rapid have starting times of 14:00, 15:30 and 17:00 clock

Full schedule

Rapid (June 20–22)

Time June 20 Time June 21 Time June 22
14.00 Round 1 12.00 Round 4 14.00 Round 7
15.30 Round 2 13.30 Round 5 15.30 Round 8 
17.00 Round 3 15.00 Round 6 17.00 Round 9

Blitz (June 23–24)

Time June 23 Time June 24
14.00 Round 1 12.00 Round 10
14.30 Round 2 12.30 Round 11
15.00 Round 3 13.00 Round 12
15.30 Round 4 13.30 Round 13
16.00 Round 5 14.00 Round 14
16.30 Round 6 14.30 Round 15
17.00 Round 7 15.00 Round 16
17.30 Round 8 15.30 Round 17
18.00 Round 9 16.00 Round 18
    16.30 Playoffs/Prize-giving


Grand Chess Tour 2018 — Full schedule

Tournament Format Place Dates Prize fund
Your Next Move Rapid and Blitz Leuven June 12-16 $ 150,000
Paris Rapid and Blitz Paris June 20-24 $ 150,000
Saint Louis Rapid and Blitz St. Louis August 10-16 $ 150,000
Sinquefield Cup Classical St. Louis August 17-28 $ 300,000
London Chess Classic Classical London December (TBD) $ 300,000
GCT winner prizer       $ 150,000
Total prize fund       $ 1,200,000

Scoring system

In the first three events, rapid and blitz scores are combined, with two points for a win in rapid. New this year, if there is a tie for first place, the top two (determined by mathematical tiebreaks if more than two players tie) will play two 10+5 rapid games and then, if necessary, a single 5 vs. 4 minute sudden-death 'Armageddon' game, where the black player has draw odds.

For the overall standings, points will be awarded in the individual tournaments according to the standings. However, the same points will be awarded if there is a tie. The tiebreak mini-match will be to determine the winner of the individual tournament. If a player wins the tournament alone, he will receive two (Sinquefield Cup) or one (Rapid and Blitz Events) extra point in the Grand Chess Tour

Place Sinquefield Cup Rapid & Blitz Events
Combined points
1 18/20 12/13
2 15 10
3 12 8
4 10 7
5 8 6
6 6 5
7 4 4
8 3 3
9 2 2
10 1 1


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