Gold for Russia, Silver for Hungary

by ChessBase
11/11/2002 – A fighting Hungarian squad scored 3-1 against China but were unable to catch up with the Russians, who took gold. Hungary got silver and Armenia bronze. In the women's section it was China, Russia and Poland. We bring you all results and a very colourfully illustrated final report by Anna Dergatscheva.

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Final standings

Men Pts Women pts
1. Russia 38.5 1. China 29.5
2. Hungary 37.5 2. Russia 29
3. Armenia 35 3. Poland 28
4. Georgia 34 4. Georgia 27.5
5. China 33.5 5. Hungary 25.5
6. Netherlands 33.5 6. Ukraine 25.5
7. England 33.5 7. Yugoslavia 25.5
8. Slovakia 33 8. Azerbaijan 25.5
9. Israel 33 9. USA 25
10. Yugoslavia 33 10. Czech Republic 25
11. Macedonia 33
12. Switzerland 33

Pictures from the Olympiad – Part II

By Anna Dergatscheva

Our correspondent Anna Dergatscheva was born on 26.02.1969 in Moscow. She studied Russian language and literature. She lives in Germany and plays in Germany's top women's division as well as the men's regional league.

All pictures in this article were sent to us directly from Bled by Anna Dergatscheva before the final round.

One round before the end of the tournament it was only the ladies' section that was open. The Russian men could relax and keep their fingers crossed for their female colleagues. After Hungary had agreed to a draw against the Armeniens the Russian team quickly did the same against Israel.

For the women it was different. Three teams were fighting for the medals: Georgia, China and Russia. China was half a point ahead and had to play against Bulgaria. The Russian team with Maya Chiburdanidze, Nana Ioseliani and Ketevan Arakhamia-Grant faced the strong Yugoslavs. The Georgians had dominated the section until the 11th round. But then they lost 0.5:2.5 to Poland and went on to lose the next two rounds as well.

Winner Alexander Khalifman is interviewed by Russia's NTV

The playing hall, with Georgia vs Vietnam in the foreground

World champion Zhu Chen from China

Ex world champion Maya Chiburdanidze

A truly colourful participant

The Russian team with Khalifman, Morozevich, Svidler and Rublevsy

The Ukraine with Ivanchuk and Ponomariov

China vs England (with Jon Speelman and young Luke McShane)

Michael Adams (middle) and girlfriend Tara

Joel Lautier, Suat Atalik, Loek Van Wely

Germany's darling Elisabeth Pähtz (left) with a young colleague

Waiting for Russia: the German team with Dautov, Bönsch, Lutz

Russia vs Germany, Garry Kasparov vs Christopher Lutz

Klaus Bischoff vs Peter Svidler in the foreground

Pictures from the women's section

The Russian team

Matveeva of Russia

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