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10/3/2006 – During the turmoil surrounding the World Championship in Elista we have been receiving record numbers of letters – over 300 from our readers yesterday alone. These are being edited and formatted, but in the meantime we bring you a few expressing support for their colleague, written by well-known grandmasters.

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Open letter of support to Vladimir Kramnik

Monday 2nd of October 2006

Dear Vladimir,

Through absolutely no fault of your own, you have suffered the consequences of an unprecedented combination of unethical behaviour from your opponent and glaring incompetence, for lack of a stronger word, on the part of the Appeals Committee.

In spite of evidently unfair treatment, which has not only resulted in your being forfeited one game, but also being subjected to petty attacks and ridiculous accusations from the opposing camp, you have agreed to continue the match for the sake of reunifying the chess world. This is a very impressive decision. It testifies to your remarkable sense of honour and is worthy of your true status of World Champion.

Regardless of the final result of this match you have earned the deepest respect of your fellow Grandmasters and colleagues as well as countless chess fans around the world. Thank you for being a model sportsman in a time and place where so many circumstances turned against you. You deserve to win.

With unfailing support,

GM Joel Lautier (France)
IM Almira Skripchenko (France)
GM Viktor Korchnoi (Switzerland)
GM Laurent Fressinet (France)
GM Nigel Short (Greece)
GM Alexandra Kosteniuk (Russia)
GM Pavel Tregubov (Russia)
GM Pentala Harikrishna (India)
GM Yannick Pelletier (Switzerland)
WGM Sophie Milliet (France)
GM Lev Alburt (USA)
WIM Anna Hahn (USA)
GM Rustam Dautov (Germany)
GM Yasser Seirawan (USA)
GM Emanuel Berg (Sweden)
GM Helmut Pfleger (Germany)
WIM Olena Boytsun (Ukraine)
GM Vladimir Barksij (Russia)
GM Bartlomiej Macieja (Poland)
IM Maxim Notkin (Russia)
GM Alexander Baburin (Irland)
GM Tony Kosten (England)
GM Alexander Khalifman (Russia)
IM Ilias Kourkounakis (Greece)
WGM Natalia Zhukova (Ukraine)
GM Konstantin Landa (Russia)
GM Michal Krasenkow (Poland)
GM Boris Gelfand (Israel)
GM Alexander Huzman (Israel)
GM Harry Schüssler (Sweden)
GM Jon Levitt (England) GM Peng Zhaoqin (Netherlands)

Open Letter of Support to Vladimir Kramnik from Grandmaster Colleagues.

Monday October 2nd, 2006

Dear Vladimir,

We are writing as a small group of Grandmasters, but we believe that we represent the views of the vast majority of our colleagues. We simply wanted to let you know that we think you have suffered a gross injustice, and that you have our support.

We appreciate that you are now under immense psychological pressure, and that it must be difficult to continue to play well in the context of such blatant bias, unfairness, and hostility.

Good luck in the days ahead. If you manage to win in these circumstances you will be a worthy champion indeed.

Best wishes,

GM Jonathan Rowson (Scotland)
GM Peter Heine Nielsen (Denmark)
GM Magnus Carlsen (Norway)
GM Jan Gustafsson (Germany)
GM Tomi Nyback (Finland)
GM Luke McShane (England)
GM Loek Van Wely (Netherlands)

From former Women's World Champion Susan Polgar we received the following:

And the following two by email:

Dear ChessBase,

I fully support Kramnik's position in this conflict and happy that he decided to continue the match even under such circumstances. At the same time I'm surprised that Topalov took this point. I believe it even decreased his chances to catch up with Vladimir who now has a clear psychological advantage and support of all world.

Best regards,
GM Victor Mikhalevski,
Israel, 3.10.2006

Dear Mr. Kramnik,

I am very impressed by your fight for a right cause and by your great sportsmanship in agreeing to continue the match from 3:2.

The title of World Champion should be earned on the chessboard. Having accepted that point, which he has not won on merit, V. Topalov has lost the moral right to call himself World Chess Champion. All that remains is for you to prove your superiority and win the match despite the point which was stolen from you. The world of chess desreves an honest champion. Numerous grandmasters, chessplayers and chessfriends around the world are now rooting for you to win and become the Absolute World Champion.

I am sure that you will manage to play your best and will not let them down.

Best of Luck,
GM Ram Soffer,
Israel, 03.10.2006

We have received over three hundred new letters, many fairly substantial.
We are formatting them and will publish them soon on these news pages.

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