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5/28/2002 – Expressing their concern that the Prague reunification plan could violate sports principles, a number of top players have called for a "Grandmasters' Committee" to represent their interests. The open letter to FIDE was signed by the likes of Anand, Morozevich, Bareev, Shirov, Svidler, Leko, Girschuk, Lautier and fourteen others. More

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Grandmasters’ open letter to FIDE

We, leading Grandmasters of the world, realize the undeniable significance and importance of a possible reunification of the chess world. However, we have to express our concern about the reunification plan that has just been presented in Prague. If implemented in the current form, sports principles would then be violated, as most of the top chess professionals will have no opportunity to take part in the World Championship until 2005. FIDE declared that rights and interests of all chessplayers will be taken into consideration, but it is completely unclear how (and whether at all) this will be done in practice.

We hope that all parties will have enough goodwill and common sense to resolve the unjustice. We understand that the situation is complicated, but at the same time, we are sure that there are better ways of reunification than the one which has been considered in Prague.

We also express our concern about the fact that the Grandmasters' Committee has not been established yet, though such a body could become the media of expression for chessplayers in issues that are directly related to their professional interests. We hope that such a Committee will be created in the nearest future. It should be delegated all rights necessary for its activities, meaning that it will not become an amorphous structure and that the election of its members should be held on a democratic basis, through a vote by the leading chessplayers of the world. It is very important that its members would be respectful, competent and fair-minded professionals. Only in such circumstances will it really be useful for the chess world.

We think that this letter is one step further towards true reunification and we hope that our voice will be heard and are looking forward to a constructive reply.


Vladimir Akopian, Viswanathan Anand, Evgeny Bareev, Viorel Bologan, Rustem Dautov, Kiril Georgiev, Igor Glek, Alexander Grischuk, Artur Jussupow, Rustam Kasimdzhanov, Alexander Khalifman, Joel Lautier, Peter Leko, Christofer Lutz, Alexander Morozevich, Sergey Rublevsky, Konstantin Sakaev, Alexey Shirov, Ilya Smirin, Emil Sutovsky, Peter Svidler, Vadim Zvjaginsev.

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