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5/22/2008 – Once a week grandmaster Nigel Davies gives live online training on the Playchess server, from 11 p.m. to 12 a.m. UK time. That means it starts at midnight CEST, 6 p.m. New York or 08:00 a.m. Sidney. This week the subject is ways to avoid theoretical duels and gambit lines. Send in your questions.

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Nigel's Radio Revs

May 25th 2008: More this week on ways to avoid theoretical duels and gambit lines, but with the focus being on playing White. The main featured opening is the King’s Indian Attack, with material that does not appear on Nigel’s DVD.

Nigel Davies' Radio Revs is aimed directly at helping players improve. In this weekly show Nigel examines various aspects of chess relevant to the club player, showing a variety of plans that can be used in your own games whilst relating them to the opening. He also deal with practical issues like psychology and just finding time for chess.

Radio Revs is truly interactive; besides asking questions online you can send Nigel questions and games via his web site and discuss previous shows there too. Archived shows are also available making Radio Revs a complete course of chess instruction.

About Nigel Davies

An International Grandmaster and former British Junior and British Open Quickplay Champion, Nigel has won some 15 International Tournaments during his 35 year career. Nigel has enjoyed considerable success as a coach, working with several young players breaking through and gaining the GM title. But he regards his main achievement as having helped many club players get better, long after they'd given up hope of doing so!

Nigel Davies promises: "I will be drawing on my experience to address issues which affect club players. My views tend to be a bit different, which is why they may come as revelations to the audience (thus the name of the show, 'Nigel's Radio Revs'). It is worthwhile noting that people can send me questions by using the address on the contact page at my TigerChess web site."

Starting time: Sunday, 11 p.m. UK time, midnight CEST, 6 p.m. New York or 08:00 a.m. Sidney. You can find the exact time at most common locations in this time conversion table or work it out for your specific location here. The entrance fee for the lecture is ten Ducats.

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