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4/10/2008 – Starting on Sunday, grandmaster Nigel Davies will be giving live online training on the playchess server, from 11 p.m. to 12 a.m. UK time. That means it starts at midnight CEST, 6 p.m. New York or 08:00 a.m. Sidney. In his show, Nigel will be answering viewers' questions and addressing issues which face club players, from opening to endgame. The entrance fee is ten Ducats. Join the fun.

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Who is Nigel Devies?

Tell us something about yourself. Who is Nigel Davies?

I'm a 47-year-old grandmaster who has been particularly active in writing, presenting DVDs and changing federations. Besides chess I have an interest in financial markets and esoteric Chinese exercise systems.

Are you still an active player?

I try to be, as much as fatherhood allows (I have a five-year-old son). Recently this has meant slugging it out in British weekend tournaments rather than jetting off to exotic locations.

We understand you've worked a lot with 'average' club players. Can you tell us something about this?

Yes, I specialise in helping middle-aged 'no-hopers' with limited time improve a notch or two. I started doing this some 14 years ago, so I now have a lot of experience. It's actually very pleasant work as you get to meet some very interesting and accomplished people.

Do you coach any young stars?

I trained Matthew Sadler and Ronen Har-Zvi prior to their making break-throughs, but I don't actively seek out 'promising juniors'. This is certainly the easiest way to become known as a coaching guru, but in most cases I suspect they'd improve just as fast without the coach.

Tell us about your forthcoming radio show. What will it be about?

I will be drawing on my experience to address issues which affect club players. My views tend to be a bit different, which is why they may come as revelations to the audience. Thus the name of the show, 'Nigel's Radio Revs' ('Revs' being short for 'Revelations'). It is worthwhile noting that people can send me questions by filling out the contact form at my TigerChess web site.

Starting time: 11 p.m. UK time, midnight CEST, 6 p.m. New York or 08:00 a.m. Sidney. You can find the exact time at most common locations in this time conversion table or work it out for your specific location here.

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