Giri and Haast win Dutch Championships

by André Schulz
7/13/2015 – Anish Giri and Anne Haast are the new Dutch Champions. After a quick draw in the final round Giri still could have been caught by Loek van Wely, but the six-times Dutch Champion blundered in time trouble. Anne Haast laid the foundations of winning the title earlier by winning in round five against 13 times Dutch Women's Champion Zaoquin Peng. Report and games...

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After four rounds Anish Giri and Loek van Wely, the two favorites to win the title, were equal first. Both had won two games and had drawn two. But in the next two rounds Giri continued to win - against Sipke Ernst and Erwin l'Ami - whereas van Wely won against Benjamin Bok in round six but had to content himself with a draw in round five against Sergei Tiviakov, and thus before the seventh and final round van Wely was half a point behind Giri.

In the final round Giri had the black pieces against Robin van Kampen and had nothing against a quick draw. Now Loek van Wely "only" needed to win his game against Sipke Ernst to share first place with Giri.

Van Wely played with Black and had chances to win. In a double rook endgame with opposite colored bishops he had a small plus which led White to sacrifice an exchange. However, in time trouble both sides missed good chances. While White advanced his pawns on the kingside Black put his trust on his passed b-pawn which was supported by a rook. With hardly any time left on the clock White then missed a study-like draw, but Black returned the compliment by missing a win. After another mistake Black even squandered the draw and suffered a bitter loss in a crucial game.


With this loss of his closest rival Anish Giri won tournament and title.

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Women's Championship

The participants of the Dutch Women's Championship played as if they did not know that drawing games is not against the law. In total 28 games were played, but only five ended with a draw. Four of these five draws were played by Bianca De Jong-Muhren, who drew against Anna Haast, Tea Lanchava, Lisa Hortensius and Iozefina Paulet. Lisa Hortensius and Anna-Maja Kazarian took care of the fifth draw - but only after fighting for 96 moves.

The Women's Championship started as a race between 13 times Dutch Women's champion Zhaoqin Peng, Tea Lanchava, and Anne Haast. Before the fifth round these three shared the lead. But in the fifth round Haast won against Peng to take the sole lead because Tea Lanchava conceded half a point in round five - against Bianca De Jong-Muhren.

Anne Haast

In the final round Haast could afford to draw against De Jong-Muhren to finish first half a point ahead of Peng.


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Robin van Kampen, Loek van Wely, Erwin l'Ami and Merijn van Delft relax with a couple of blitz games


Photos: Tournament page

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Vernunft Vernunft 7/14/2015 05:52
alekhina - your comment makes no sense at all.
DBRussell DBRussell 7/13/2015 11:36
L' Ami can do muuuuuch better. With Giri in the tournament he didn't even try.

Van Wely last game reminds me of a few games at Tata Steel: he creates chances and complications (even against the very best, like in Tata) and then chokes...
alekhina alekhina 7/13/2015 05:23
The author said "Anish Giri and Anne Haast are the new Dutch Champions" . But Anne Haast was the dutch champion in 2014 (Women). Reporting error is not nice to read.
ali123irvine ali123irvine 7/13/2015 04:48
Anish Giri is undoubtedly is the strongest Netherlands now.
He is still young and is in World's Top Ten, and Timman's succesor for sure.

As J.H. Donnerand Hans Ree was Euwe succesor, then Jan imman and John van der Wiel,
now Giri, van Kampen is the latest Dutch Warrior.

As for Timman, this is a wordsm for you:
"Old Soldier never die, they only fade away".
The Legionnaire led by Karpov, with such names: Timman Ljubojevic, Andersson, Nunn, Hubner, Vaganian, Romanishin is becoming Old Soldier now.

"Take a rest Warrior, you will not be forgotten"