Gert Schnider wins Diving Chess tournament in Graz

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9/22/2020 – "Before you move, take a deep breath to calm down," might be good advice for nervous players, but it was definitely good advice for the 13 chess players who took part in the first "Diving Chess" tournament of the Austrian Company Sports Organisation. After all, in this discipline of chess, you can think about as long about your move as you can hold your breath. | Photo: ÖBSV

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Press release of the Austrian Organisation Company Sports (ÖBSV)

Premier in "Diving Chess"

On Sunday, September 20th, the first Austrian Company Sports Championship in Diving Chess took place in Graz. 13 players/divers took part.

The event, which was organized by the Austrian Company Sport Association in cooperation with the Styrian Company Sport Association and the Austrian Chess Federation, was very well received by all participants. So there will definitely be a continuation next year.

"We plan and implement innovative forms of movement. Chess is a traditional sport, which we would like to revive with a fun sport like diving chess. In particular, we also want to address numerous new chess players", ÖBSV General Secretary Florian Ram is pleased about the successful premiere.


The level at this championship was high. Among others the former national chess champion from 2013 and 2018, WIM Veronika Exler, took part. "It was a lot of fun. If diving chess were an official sport, I would change immediately", says Exler.

The game was played on chess boards and with pieces optimized for water. The rules are simple: you can think about and make your move as long you can hold your breath. If you do not manage to make a move under water according to the rules, the game is lost. Otherwise the rules of classical chess apply.

Action on all boards

Final standings

Rk. Name  TB1 
1 Schnider Gert 4,0
2 Krumphals Friedrich Dr. 3,5
3 Exler Veronika 3,5
4 Polterauer Chiara 3,5
5 Grosse Manfred 3,5
6 Kersten Julian Mag 3,0
7 Guetz Wolfgang 3,0
8 Heissenberger Andreas 2,0
9 Tusha John 2,0
10 Röhr Robert 2,0
11 Ram Florian 2,0
12 Aurich Sven Dipl.-Inf. 2,0
13 Senk Valentin BSc 1,0



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