Geri's Game – the Pixar chess movie

by ChessBase
9/7/2003 – Do you know Pixar? They made this Summer's blockbuster about a timid clown fish who takes part in an improbable land-and-sea rescue of his son. Now this cutting-edge animation company has posted a chess film on their web site which you won't want to miss. Geri's Game won an Academy Award for best animated short film.

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The blockbuster film is called "Finding Nemo" and tells the tale of a timid little clown fish that watches his son get scooped up by a diver. Nemo leaves the safety of his coral enclave to start an improbable land-and-sea rescue mission. In this movie Pixar took computer animation, and especially the use of water in such films, to new heights.

Now the pixel geniuses have created a short film about an aging codger named Geri who plays a game of chess in the park. He is losing against his livelier opponent when he turns tables by faking a heart attack.

Pixar makes these little movies usually with research and development in mind. Here the challenge was to take human and cloth animation to new heights. They succeeded, and Geri's Game won an Academy Award for best animated short film. Note that the bottom right-hand corner of the chessboard is actually white in this film. Apparently the international team of experts who go around making sure that in all movie chess scenes the board must be set up incorrectly was caught napping this time.

To view the film you will need a Quicktime 5 viewer, which is probably already installed on your system. If not you can download it free of charge from the site. Once you are set you can

Watch Geri's Game here.

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