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8/8/2023 – There are chess positions, puzzles, which are not just clever. They can be very entertaining. An expert in such positions is Gauri Shankar, a chess trainer from Chicago, who has a great talent for finding such positions, and for explaining the results in instructive style. Today we how you three positions, which you can try to solve, and let Gauri show you how, if you fail to work out how.

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In the following positions you can make moves with the white pieces on the diagram boards and try to achieve the goals stated (White to play and win). The diagram will defend and only succumb if you find the right line that leads to victory. If you cannot find the solution there are links below the diagram to show you how. And there is a replay board at the end of the article on which you can analyse all the lines of the three positions.

So let's get started:

It may come as a surprise to you that White can actually win this position. Can you find the surprise key? And the clever follow-up moves? They involving pins and skewers. Go ahead, try to execute a forced win with the white pieces. I contains a number of exclam moves!

Here it is all about sacrifice – and some very spectacular kinds. If you are wondering about the defensive back moves of the diagram, you can analyse alternate defenses in the replay board at the end of this article.

Black is threatening ...Rg1+ and ...b1Q. White has play some clever moves to put Black into zugzwang, and keep him that way. Can you find the remarkable win?

Here are the solutions, very nicely explained by Gauri:

And here is a PGN replayer where you can analyse all aspects of the position:

You can click on the fan symbol below the board to get engine support.

About the author

Gauri Shankar is a FIDE Master, originally from India, who moved to the United States when he was ten years old. He has eight International Master norms, and is seeking to cross the 2400 Elo mark to get his title. He works as a chess trainer in Chicago, where he currently resides.

Gauri's decade long experience teaching chess to thousands of children has helped him become a popular online chess content creator, making entertaining and educational videos on Twitch, Youtube, Instagram and Tiktok.

Reports about chess: tournaments, championships, portraits, interviews, World Championships, product launches and more.


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