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12/1/2004 – The latest Fritz is out, a Deluxe version that is already getting rave reviews. "This is my first experience with Fritz, and I quickly saw why it is so popular," wrote one reviewer, who thought the online Fritz community was like a shark tank ("I mean that in a good way"). Here's his write-up in GameZone Magazine.

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The GameZone reviewer writes:

This is my first experience with Fritz, and I quickly saw why it is so popular. Prior to this, I knew it only by (stellar) reputation. It is different than the other offerings out there.

Like all chess games, you set up a profile based on your skill level. As I always advise: be honest with yourself – no less, no more. This is more of a factor when you venture online, where the Fritz community is like a shark tank – and I mean that in a good way. You can even insert your own picture if you like.

I first played with the voice on, and was taunted so viciously (in attempts to rattle me), that I soon changed that setting for a more quiet experience. Fritz 8 Deluxe will insult you in a million ways for every thing you do – or don't do (fast enough). It can be very aggressive, and is not recommended for the easily offended!

You are also able to set handicaps just like in golf. You can skew the settings to help you play. You can implement a feature that allows the (pc) opponent to execute accidental mistakes that might occur when playing against a human player.

Fritz's manual is like a schematic for a computer itself. The various paragraphs teach you how to constantly tweak the game to reach whatever level you need it to be. The information for online play is detailed in a structured way to best ensure you set yourself up to play at the maximum level for your ability and needs. It doesn't just tell you how to log on and "go at it."

There are some very lush combinations of wood boards with matching (or contrasting) pieces. However, I opted to go back to the more generic 2D views so that I could focus on the pieces and moves.

Being able to upload your own picture is a nice touch for online play. I like for people to be able to see whom they are crushing in an online duel!

The whole experience of playing Fritz is like a high-brow, well-executed excursion into the world of chess that most people only see on TV or in movies. This is the real deal.

The current "who's who" of chess – Kasparov – is in this game and lends his talents to the training experience. You cannot get much better than that.

You'd be hard pressed to improve any part of this game for what it is meant to be. It can't be criticized for not being as pretty as some, for that is not its strength. It does one thing great - plays Chess.

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