From Paris to Leuven

by André Schulz
6/16/2016 – This weekend, the Grand Chess Tour moves from Paris to Leuven in Belgium, near Bruxelles. On Friday and Saturday the world's best players show and test their rapid skills, on Saturday and Sunday players and spectators can enjoy world class blitz. The field is almost identical to that in Paris, with one exception: instead of Laurent Fressinet Viswanathan Anand will play.

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After the rapid and blitz event in Paris last weekend the Grand Chess Tour moves to Leuven in Belgium. But the of the event remains the same. On Friday, 14.00 hrs local time, the rapid tournament starts. It is a nine round all-play-all tournament with a time-limit of 25+10 (each player has 25 minutes for the whole game and gets a 10-second increment per move). The rapid tournament will end on Saturday evening and then a double-round-robin blitz tournament with a time-limit of 5+2 will follow on Sunday and Monday.

For each win in the rapid tournament the players receive two points, a draw nets one point. A win in the blitz tournament yields one point, a draw half a point. In the end, the results of both tournaments are combined and the player with the most points wins the Grand Chess Tour Leuven.


Magnus Carlsen
Viswanathan Anand
Vladimir Kramnik
Levon Aronian
Fabiano Caruana
Anish Giri
Hikaru Nakamura
Wesley So
Veselin Topalov
Maxime Vachier-Lagrave

The Grand Chess Tour Paris was convincingly won by Hikaru Nakamura. The American came first in the rapid tournament and shared first place with Magnus Carlsen in the blitz tournament.

Hikaru Nakamura


17th June - Rapid Day 1

Time (GMT+2) Round
1400 Round 1
1530 Round 2
1700 Round 3
1830 Round 4
2000 Round 5

18th June - Rapid Day 2

Time (GMT+2) Round
1400 Round 6
1530 Round 7
1700 Round 8
1830 Round 9

19th June - Blitz Day 1

Time (GMT+2) Round
1400 Round 1
1430 Round 2
1500 Round 3
1530 Round 4
1600 Round 5
1700 Round 6
1730 Round 7
1800 Round 8
1830 Round 9

20th June - Blitz Day 2

Time (GMT+2) Round
1200 Round 10
1230 Round 11
1300 Round 12
1330 Round 13
1400 Round 14
1500 Round 15
1530 Round 16
1600 Round 17
1630 Round 18
1700 Award Ceremony

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