Fritz tops the computer lists – again!

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7/31/2002 – The Swedish Chess Computer Association, an independent organisation, has published its July 30 rating list, based on a total of 87,452 games (!) played by 242 computers. Fritz leads the field. In the last 24 lists it has been on top 17 times. Of the 20 leading programs 16 (including the top seven) are distributed by ChessBase and can be bought in our online shop. Here's the latest SSDF list.

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July 30, 2002, based on 87,452 games played by 242 computers


Thoralf Karlsson reports:

In January 1999 Hiarcs 7.0 P200 MMX had the first place on the SSDF rating list. In September the same year we had started to use K6-2 450 MHz, and on that hardware Hiarcs 7.32 kept the third place on the list, about 35 points behind Fritz 5.32 and Nimzo 99.

During the almost three years which has gone since then, several of the competing programs have become 50-100 points stronger, measured on the same hardware. As a result Hiarcs 7.32 on K6-2 450 is presently 124 points behind the leading Deep Fritz.

Mark Uniacke has now provided us with a new version of his program, Hiarcs 8.0! And Eric Hallsworth has written the opening book. On K6-2 450 MHz Hiarcs 8.0 has a rating of 2591 after 212 games. That is 64 points more than Hiarcs 7.32 has!

Hiarcs 8.0 on Athlon 1200 MHz has taken the ninth place on the list with 2671 after 624 tournament games. On this hardware we have no earlier version from Mark Uniacke to compare with. The difference in rating between A1200 and K6-2 450 is 80 points for Hiarcs 8.0.

On this list we can also include Stefan Meyer-Kahlens latest program version, Shredder 6.0 Paderborn A1200. We have played with the UCI-version under the Classic Shredder-interface, using Sandro Necchis opening book.

After 467 games the rating is 2727, ten points above the original Shredder 6.0. Compared to the latest list, Stefan Meyer-Kahlen now goes up from the fifth to the second place(!)

Fritz 7.0 A1200 has gained 11 points, whereas the same program on K6-2 450 has lost six points. Gandalf 5.1 A1200 has lost eight points.

Tony Hedlund has so far played 70 manual games with Chess Tiger 14.9a Palm. Hopefully we can include it on the next list, which probably will appear in September.

Further information is available at the SSDF site

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