Fritz Powerbook 2018

by ChessBase
11/7/2017 – The name says it all: Powerbook. This DVD contains over 21 million opening positions, the current opening knowledge. For study and training — your own opening repertoire gains a power boost.

Fritz Powerbook 2018 Fritz Powerbook 2018

The current openings theory with 1.5 million games. An indispensable resource for the serious player.


Current opening theory with 1.5 million games

The Fritz Powerbook 2018 contains 21 millions opening positions, derived from 1.5 million high class tournament games. Together with each position all relevant information is stored:

  • all moves that were played in the position
  • by players of what average rating
  • with what success and performance results

Fritz Powerbook 2018

The games from which the Fritz Powerbook 2018 were derived are also included on the DVD. This means that in any position of the openings tree you can load and replay the games in which the position occurred.

The Fritz Powerbook 2018 represents the state of the art of current openings theory. Discover exciting and tricky new lines and practice them against Fritz. In addition the DVD has a small but very exclusive book with the strongest GM games (ELO >= 2550) from the past 100 years (2 Mio positions).

The power of Powerbook:

  • Complete opening theory on DVD-ROM
  • Over 21 million opening positions
  • Every position contains all moves with success rate and Elo of the players
  • The most important supplement DVD for Fritz

€58.74 without VAT (for Customers outside the EU)
$63.44 (without VAT)

Language: Deutsch, Englisch
ISBN: 978-3-86681-624-4
EAN: 9783866816244
Delivery: Download, Post
Level: Any

Fritz Powerbook 2018

The current openings theory with 1.5 million games. An indispensable resource for the serious player.


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brabo_hf brabo_hf 11/8/2017 11:04
Anybody can make an openingtree based on a selected number of games for free if you have e.g. the Fritz interface. I did based on any game of the megadatabase played by somebody rated above 2300. That is about 2,5 Million games so 1 Million more than the above offered powerbook. I consider my own created book of very good quality.

The only annoying thing of creating such book yourself is that the PC is blocked for 2 days. If you need a PC every day then you better have another one available.
Wembley Wembley 11/8/2017 05:45
Firstly, thanks to Macauley for a sensible answer. Thirteen, I'm not interested in how much ANY business is worth.

I asked a question which probably can't be answered. Back in January 2017 I bought Fritz 15, Komodo 10, Houdini 5 Pro, Deep Junior 13.8 and Chessbase 14 Mega Package. All for £700.00+ which in the scheme of things is a drop in the ocean. Add on the odd trainer at £30.00, an openings encyclopedia at £100.00, Komodo 11 £80.00, etc, etc and I'd estimate I've easily spent about a grand this year alone. I don't begrudge it, it's my hobby.

I've been buying Chessbase software since 2002 and I probably still own less than 10% of what's available. And that's my point.
macauley macauley 11/8/2017 01:17
They are quite different, but both related to openings. The Fritz Powerbook 2018 is an opening tree and includes a "quality book" (based on selected games), but without annotations. It includes a second book with only the most elite higher-rated games. The Opening Encyclopedia is a collection of opening article surveys from ChessBase Magazine, with the addition of a Big Database. The main feature is over 1000 small opening databases (each has an intro text and selected annotated games) from CBM by carefully selected authors, the Big Database included with the Opening Encyclopedia contains annotated games (making it comparable to the Mega Database). It also contains a "powerbook" created from those games, but with no selection for quality, so it also includes weaker games. I hope that helps.
thirteen thirteen 11/8/2017 11:50
@Wembley...Isn't that like asking how much is Ferrari worth, or any other business for that matter? And lets just limit that to the 'not racing' road cars, hey?
Wembley Wembley 11/8/2017 01:00
I'd be interested to know the answer to that too. I've another question: how much would it cost to buy every single product Chessbase markets? Let's just limit that to the English language versions. Would there be any change left from 1 million euros?
kramnikstudent kramnikstudent 11/8/2017 12:27
Sorry if what i ask is elementary, What is the difference between a powerbook and an opening encyclopedia? If I own the OE why should I go for a power book?