Fritz & Chesster 2 gets five-star review

1/6/2005 – Our children's chess teaching program is out there, generating thousands of new chess players. Like no other chess software "Fritz & Chesster" has scaled the mail-order lists, landing on the top of the Amazon top-sellers. Now version two is out and getting rave reviews.

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Computing With Kids gives Fritz & Chesster 2 a five-star rating. "If your children already know the basics and want to hone their chess skills, turn to the newly-released Learn to Play Chess with Chesster and Fritz 2. Continuing the interactive adventure format of the first title, King Black is back, causing trouble. This time he has trapped Prince Fritz, Bianca, and Chesster in his dungeon. They can escape only after winning a series of chess-training arcade games that teach specific chess openings, middle game tactics, and endgame moves. Before this adventure is over, kids will have explored 21 challenging activities, including navigating through a swamp to learn chess notation."

This in-depth review starts with the following description: When I was a young chess player, my training consisted of quick matches with my Dad, when he had time at night. Mostly, I was left alone with a manual that read like stereo instructions to a kid just progressing past "Dick and Jane" periodicals. Still, I tried and got a good foundation for the game. But, if you don't have such time, or still get stuck in spite of having the "instructions" with you - what then? Viva Chess created "Learn to Play Chess with Fritz and Chesster" last year and it was a huge success for the young generation of sprouting young Grand Masters (to be). This year, they have followed up that game with the sequel - amazingly called "Learn to Play Chess with Fritz and Chesster 2." The game is more original than the title...

Sunday Express

In the Sunday Express Luke McShane describes his experience with the program.

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