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3/28/2002 – The Swedish Svenska schackdatorföreningen (SSDF, Chess Computer Association) is an independent that tests the stronges chess programs in the world. Over the years they have played no less than 85,022 (!) games between different computers. On the last 22 lists our Fritz engine has been on top 15 times. In the February list Shredder 6 took the lead. But now the newly tested Fritz 7 is number one again, 34 points ahead of the field! More

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Feb 15, 2002, based on 84,193 games played by 235 computer


The full list is available at the SSDF site

Thoralf Karlsson reports:

Frans Morsch is back on top of the SSDF rating list!! Out of the latest 22 lists, he has held the first place fifteen times! During the same period (1998-2002), Christophe Théron has been leading twice, and Stefan Meyer-Kahlen, Amir Ban, Johan de Koning, Mark Uniacke and Ed Schröder once each.

The new leader is Fritz 7.0 (version Athlon 1200 MHz! With a rating of 2748 this new program has 34 points more than Chess Tiger 14.0 on the second place, and 39 points more than the predecessor Deep Fritz has!

We have now reached slightly more than 100 games with Rebel Century 4.0 on K6-2 450 MHz. With a rating of 2576 Ed Schröders latest program has 58 points more than Century 3.0 on the same hardware!

Gandalf 5.0 K6-2 450 has a rating of 2534 after 102 games. That is 15 points more than version 4.32h has on this hardware.

Compared to the list from February 15, Shredder 6.0 Athlon 1200 MHz has lost 9 points and Rebel Century 4.0 Athlon 1200 MHz has gained 5 points. Junior 7.0 K6-2 has eight points less.

We will now start testing Gandalf 5.1 on Athlon, and continue to play with Fritz 7.0 and Shredder 6.0 UCI on K6-2 450 MHz.

Next list will appear in May.

Thoralf Karlsson


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