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1/19/2007 – Have you ever wondered what your wife (or your husband) is up to while you are at a chess tournament? Islandic vice-champion Hedinn Steingrimsson is delighted to report what his wife was occupying herself with during his absence at the European Club Cup in Fügen. “She had a lot of fun for hours“ – with chess! Although she is not an active chess player herself. A paradox? Solution.

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Fritz & Chester - Part 3
Review by Hedinn Steingrimsson

Fritz & Chester came by mail while I was playing the European Club Championship in Fügen. My team, the Reykjavik Chess Club, ended on rank 5 to 12. When I came home my wife, who does not play chess, told me that out of curiosity she had installed Fritz & Chester on her computer and for several hours had great fun solving the tasks. When she showed me the program, among other things the tasks she had difficulties with (e.g. blind chess), I saw for myself that this was a particularly good product.

All components are of high quality. As far as chess is concerned, important skills – like thinking things through – are taught in a playful manner which is a lot of fun. The graphics are very good, I particularly liked the figures on the Ghost Train, for example. The performance of the main characters Fritz and especially Chester is most excellent, making this product suitable particularly for girls.

Conclusion: I highly recommend this program.

The program achieves the following:

  • It advances thinking and fantasy in general, laying the foundation for organized thinking.
  • It provides high chess quality.
  • The CD is a kind of interactive film. The storyline is imaginative and funny, the interaction of the characters is outstanding, and the graphics are very well made.
  • Didactically, the program is very well designed, attaching much importance to interactivity. The user chooses her-/himself where to go to on the fair and thus the tasks to be solved.
  • The program has managed to make my wife enthusiastic about chess.

    Fritz & Chesster - Part 3

The CD receives my highest recommendation and 5 out of possible 5 stars. This is a product made with great care in all components. It is very suitable for children who want to learn chess and already have some knowledge (my wife has already ordered Fritz & Chester 1 and 2). From my own experience I can say that this CD is an interesting present both for children and adults who don’t know too much about chess (e.g. chessplayers‘ wifes).



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