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3/29/2002 – Like to play a game against a friend? No problem, even if it is the middle of the night, and he is 5000 miles away. On our Playchess server you can make new friends, play casual games, watch strong players, follow and discuss live events with other visitors. Normally you need Fritz 7 or Shredder 6 to do so, but now we are offering you a free 10-day trial version, so you can see what it is like to be part of this exciting new global chess community. More

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"Making new friends" is the motto of the latest version of Fritz, which is not just a computer opponent, teacher, trainer and all-round chess partner. In version 7 Fritz has a built-in Internet client which allows you to play against other human beings, all over the world, day and night. You can make new friends, play casual games, watch strong players battle it out, follow and discuss live events with other visitors.

Until now the only way you could become part of this new global chess community was to buy and install a copy of Fritz 7 (or Shredder 6). Now we have a special offer that allows you to try it out before you take the step. A free Fritz7 Internet client, which you can download and try out for ten days.

This is how to do install the PlayChess client:

  1. Point your browser to
  2. Click on "Download free 10 day version to play chess on the internet".

  3. The download will take between 1.5 and ten minutes, depending on your modem speed. You will get the file "PlayChessSetup.exe", which you can save in any location on your hard disk.
  4. Start PlayChessSetup.exe. This will install the client program and you can start playing immediately. If you accept the default directories of the Installer you will find the program in C:\Program Files\ChessBase\Playchess\. The program name is Playchess.exe.

  5. Double-click Playchess.exe or the PlayChess start icon. This will launch the Internet client and you are ready to go.

  6. Finally you can go to to to get instructions on how to use the PlayChess server.

Have fun. By the way, if you are a strong chess player and achieve a high enough rating on the PlayChess server you may discover that the program will let you log in even after the 10-day trial period has expired!

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