Four more years – Yazici reelected TCF President

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11/9/2008 – Obama won on Tuesday (if you were following the news), and on Saturday the General Congress of the Turkish Chess Federation voted to keep incumbent President Ali Nihat Yazici in office for another term. Yazici beat off a strong challenge by a group led by the sports administrator Veli Ozan Çakir and supported by the country's first and only native GM Suat Atalik. Pictorial report.

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Ali Nihat Yazici reelected TCF President

The Turkish Chess Federation General Congress and Elections ended in a landmark victory for the incumbent president Ali Nihat Yazici, who faced very strong opposition led by Veli Ozan Çakir. The hot debates in Turkish chess circles on Yazici’s past achievements with the criticisms of its consequences by the opposition, including the first (and only) grandmaster of the country, Suat Atalik, ended last Saturday with a victory by Ali Nihat Yazici. The final count was 90 votes against 70. Yazici will lead Turkish Chess for four more years.

The Turkish Chess Federation General Congress and Elections were held in the Crowne Plaza Hotel on November 8th in Ankara. The new President, Board, Auditory Board and Disciplinary Committee were elected. For more information on the election procedure and the share of delegates check our previous report.

Impressions of an election

Right at the start of the election the incumbent President Ali Nihat Yazici (left) demonstratively took a seat next to his rival for the presidency, Veli Ozan Çakir

International Arbiters Ahmet Haznedaroglu and Cengiz Keles, together with GM Suat Atalik, all important figures of the opposition coalition "Just The Right Time".

The General Congress with 160 members, and visitors in the background

Ersan Gökerman, a well-known player and trainer, spokesman for "Just The Right Time", during a speech explaining why Yazici had been successful in aspects but failed in others

Yazici replies from the TCF Board table. From left to right: Tahsin Aktar (Vice President), Ali Nihat Yazici, Gülkiz Tülay, Murat Kul (Deputy President), Mustafa Imamoglu and Prof.Dr.Yusuf Dogruer

Ferit Çömez, ex-member of the Board, quotes the General Manager of Turkey Is Bank Ersin Özince's remarks that "Successes in chess are pleasing me even more than the successes in our regular business". Ferit Çömez was the main sponsor of Izmir Open in the last seven years.

The leader of the "Just The Right Time" team, 28-year-old sports administrator Veli Ozan Çakir, delivering his speech for why he and his team should be elected to lead Turkish Chess and why Ali Nihat Yazici should not.

Ali Nihat Yazici replying to Çakir's criticism and saying that what was done for Turkish chess was a major success despite the difficulties still faced

A group of visitors supported Yazici by cheering for him after every speech: "Satranç Seninle Gurur Duyuyor!" they shouted – "Chess is Proud of You!". This even made GM Suat Atalik smile (third row on the left end of the picture).

"Yes" to the budget of the Federation

Only a few "No" votes for the budget

Ali Nihat Yazici with one of his opponents and prominent members of the ticket "Just The tight Time", Menderes Çoban, who is also the President of the Adana Truva Chess Club, the reigning champions of Is Bank Turkish Chess League.

The incumbent President casting his vote – probably for Ali Nihat Yazici

The officials countig the votes, everyone waiting for the big decision

Building bridges: in his acceptance speech, the re-elected President Ali Nihat Yazici called Veli Ozan Çakir to the floor to thank him for the tough opposition and said he was sure he would Çakir become very successful president in the future. The skillful chess politician offered his opponent the chance to lead the organization of the 2012 Istanbul Chess Olympiad, should Turkey win the bid...

Çakir: "We lost but we shall still work for chess, since it is our common passion"


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