Forni di Sopro - An ideal start for an idyllic place

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6/19/2012 – The third edition of the International Chess Open “Forni di Sopra” organized by the Accademia Internazionale di Scacchi has started! The event is held in the idyllic Dolomite Alps, near a nature reserve. Each year the tournament takes place at the same time as the renowned Feast of Herbs, where the 3000 local species are displayed and sold. Report by Martha Fierro and Augusto Caruso.

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Forni di Sopro - An ideal start for an idyllic place

By Martha Fierro and Augusto Caruso

The playing venue

The third edition of the International Chess Open “Forni di Sopra” organized by the Accademia Internazionale di Scacchi has started! It began with the players being embraced by the sun while surrounded by amazing landscapes. The players took to the streets and bars of the village, while waiting for the start of the games, taking advantage of the free time to analyze and exchange ideas.

Beautiful flowers can be found all around Forni di Sopra

The local government has organized for the participants numerous activities such as kayaking, nature walks and the use of the spa for the players and their companions, and of course to be enjoyed in the Dolomiti Friulane nature reserve.

The enchanting Dolomites

A very young lady wearing the local traditional costume

The opening ceremony was attended by the Mayor Mr. Colombo and Vice-Mayor of the children who together with the organizers welcomed the players, and arbiters, wishing them a pleasant stay and best of luck for the tournament. 141 participants coming from 17 different countries including 11 GMs, 10 Ims, one WGM and three WIMs.

The first move is played by the vice mayor of the children and mayor Mr. Colombo. At
the board is GM Ivan Salgado, and standing behind with a smile is organizer IM Roberto Mogranzini.

Augusto Caruso working even on his birthday. Happy Birthday!

The young Akshat Chandra from USA has become the tournament’s attraction because of his talent and charisma, always smiling to the cameras and the press while sitting on two pillows on his chair to allow him to see the board. Still, do not be fooled, the little boy is strong and ready to destroy his opponents.

American Chandra Askat, 12-years-old always has a smile

Jessenia Rojas from Ecuador

Rising Italian star FM Federico Boscolo

The early rounds have proved exciting and full of suspense; the games are extended until the wee hours, because nobody here wants to give up and they fight till the end. The first board and leader is currently the the Spaniard GM Ivan Salgado Lopez, reigning Iberoamerican Champion, who after facing the Dutch player Jan Cnossen, and then IM Fabio Bruno, will bump heads against GM Oleg Romanishin who is ready to unleash his wide repertoire.

The traditional Feast of Herbs

Every year it takes place at the same time as the tournament

A traditional cheese made with special herbs

In anticipation of the day with a double round, the players relax with the feast of herbs, an annual festival in which Forni di Sopra presents plants and herbs for cooking or as a homeopathic treatment, all enlivened by good Italian music, food, wine and local folklore.

Campanile della Chiesa (the church's bell tower)

While being immersed in the atmosphere of the tournament, the Italian players welcomed the news of the victory of Caruana over Kramnik with cheers and now are ready to watch tonight’s football game of the European Cup  Italy- Ireland... After all there are many ways to relax after a double round day.

Pictures by Martha Fierro


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