Fit to Kill – with all the right moves

by ChessBase
4/6/2005 – It is a witty and elegant new production in the tradition of Sleuth and Deathtrap. The off Broadway play Fit to Kill is about a chess master who is caught up in deadly schemes involving his older but sexy and vibrant wife and a young reporter with an agenda of her own. It opens at the Clurman Theatre in New York City (410 West 42nd Street) this Saturday. Guess who's the chess consultant.

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Fit to Kill is a suspense-thriller about strategy, deception, and betrayal.

Adrian, a charming but self-indulgent chess master, lives a life of luxury thanks to his marriage to Janice, an older, but still sexy and vibrant woman who has made her fortune as the CEO of an exercise empire. When Amy, a young reporter with an agenda of her own, starts asking too many questions, a whirlwind of deadly schemes ensues, leading to a series of twists and surprises that will keep audiences guessing until the final seconds.

The stars are Lanie MacEwan (Amy), Patrick Melville (Adrian) and Jana Robbins (Janice).

The show will open on April 9 through April 30, 2005 at the Clurman Theatre located at 410 West 42nd Street in New York City.

We live in an age where movies inevitably depict the chessboard and starting positions incorrectly, and where actors will clumsily execute silly moves, tipping over the king with a distraught expression as soon as their opponent unexpectedly says "checkmate" (or even "check"). So we must be thankful that the producers of Fit to Kill have engaged a professional chess player to get the chess right. Their consultant is former Women’s World Champion and five-time Olympic Champion Susan Polgar, currently the second-best female player in the world (behind sister Judit).

The cast and director learn chess moves from a professional

This is how a chess player will often move a pawn

Showing "Adrian" how a self-indulgent chessmaster plays a game

At last a play where they get the moves right!

The cast of Fit to Kill pose with their chess advisor Susan Polgar.
Standing: Jana Robbins, Patrick Melville and Lanie MacEwan.


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