Fischer's DNA – still no final closure

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8/31/2010 – The DNA test in a paternity lawsuit filed by Marilyn and Jinky Young was negative for the claimants. The Icelandic representative declared the case closed, but Philippine lawyer Samuel Estimo is demanding that DNA samples of the former World Champion be verified against Fischer's blood relatives. He sent new pictures. Meanwhile chess correspondent Bobby Ang has published additional details.

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Fischer wild oats

By Bobby Ang – August 31, 2010

The chess headlines for the past few weeks were once again about Bobby Fischer, this time on the claim on Fischer’s estate made by Atty. Sammy Estimo on behalf of the alleged wife and daughter. Recently a paternity test was taken and samples of their DNA were analyzed and the results were negative. ... Forgetting all that legal stuff, what is the truth? Was Jinky really Bobby Fischer’s daughter? Here is what I know.

Bobby Fischer came to the Philippines in June 2000 with the express intention of getting married and having a child. That was, of course, not the only reason he came (for one he expressed a wish to do a revised edition of his 60 Memorable Games), but it was the main one.

In fact, around this time I was organizing the National Chess Federation of the Philippines (NCFP) which in August 2000 was to oust the Philippine Chess Federation (PCF) as the authorized governing body of chess here in the country. Naturally I had to stay in Manila to work out the organizational details, and this enraged Fischer because I could not go up to Baguio to work on his book. If you look up the Web site on Bobby Fischer interviews you can look up interview no. 16 where he vents is anger on me. This is my claim to fame in the chess world – Fischer finds me important enough to insult ("CIA rat working for the jews") for one straight hour on public radio. Anyway, back to the main story line.

Through mutual friends Marilyn Young was introduced to him, they fell in love and lived together in a house in Baguio Country Club. Then Ms. Marilyn got pregnant and gave birth to a baby girl, Jinky.

He stayed for several months in Baguio Country Club. Who paid his rent? There were some businessmen/sportsmen and at the same time Fischer fans who shouldered the bill, but I am sure they prefer to remain anonymous. The ones who took care of Fischer’s needs while he was staying there were GM Eugene Torre and Rod Suaco, formerly the President of the Philippine Chess Society.

When the baby came out Bobby was initially skeptical: "how come the baby does not have blue eyes?" was the question he kept asking. However, after some time he seemed to relent and recognize the baby as his own. I do not know whether he ever brought them abroad to vacation, but even after Fischer left the Philippines he used to send them money, postcards and gifts through a mutual friend.

Maybe Marilyn had another boyfriend before Bobby Fischer, maybe the paternity test was flawed – I don’t know. What I do know is that Bobby Fischer treated Jinky like his own daughter. And for someone like him who is not used to being close to anybody that is saying a lot.

And that is all I have to say about that. – Full story here.

Addendum: We are reminded by close friends of Fischer that at the time he was supposed to have moved to the Philippines "with the express intention of getting married and having a child" Bobby had just moved into the appartment of Miyoko Watai in Tokyo and started living with her in a common-law marriage. They also point out to the fact that Bobby did not have blue eyes – they were brown. Check it out here and here.

To which Bobby Ang replied: Yes, it is true that Bobby was regularly traveling between the Philippines and Japan at that time. However, between May to August 2000 he was 100% in the Philippines. I remember this because it was the time when I organized the National Chess Federation of the Philippines ( NCFP ) to take over from the Philippine Chess Federation (PCF) and I wanted Bobby to give a statement of support. GM Torre, however, told me that it was impossible. About the blue eyes stuff? That was what he said.

Samuel Estimo, the laywer representing Marilyn and Jinky Young in the the Philippines, had a falling out with his colleague in Iceland. Reykjavik-based lawyer Thordur Bogason, who represents Jinky, had announced that "the DNA report excluded Bobby Fisher from being the father of Jinky Young, and therefore the case has come to a close." In a letter to us Estimo complained:

Mr. Bogason has violated his oath as a lawyer who must be truthful in serving the lawful interests of a client who contracted his legal services in Iceland on December 2, 2009. He also violated his oath when he prematurely terminated the claim of Jinky without first consulting Marilyn in light of the fact that there are other lawful remedies available in pursuing Jinky's claim. In any lawyer-client relationship, the client should have the last say in the disposition of a case. Mr. Bogason could not send Marilyn a court order or document which states that the DNA result was the be-all and end-all of this entire case. Obviously, he could not produce one. And this makes him really guilty when he declared unilaterally that this case is closed,as if he were the judge handling this court proceeding.

I now challenge Mr. Bogason and the judicial authorities of Iceland to respect the human rights of a mother and her daughter from the Philippines. I suggest that the Targ brothers, nephews of Mr. Bobby Fischer and claimants to his estate, being the only surviving blood relatives of the chess legend, be ordered to give their DNA specimens to the District court and have them matched with those of Mr. Fischer which were allegedly extracted during his questionable exhumation.

If the DNA test would prove positive in favor of the Targ brothers, then they can collect the estate of Mr. Fischer. OTHERWISE, the seven tissue samples extracted during the challenged exhumation of Bobby were not genuinely his, and therefore, should not have been used in matching them with the blood samples of Jinky. I believe this is a very fair way of resolving this legal impasse, the suppression of Jinky's lawful rights by her own lawyer, notwithstanding!

Thank you for being fair in treating this matter in your publications, and may you print this last appeal for and in behalf of a child who was dearly loved by the late chess legend!

In a previous communication Estimo wrote us:

The exhumation of Bobby Fischer was not done the normal way. His coffin should have been brought up and opened so that it would have been sure that the seven tissue samples that were taken from the alleged remains in the coffin were that of Bobby Fischer. Indeed, the procedure undertaken borders on the doubtful. Fischer was buried in front of the church in an early January morning without the church pastor knowing it. Who knows what could have taken place there between the date of burial and on the days before the exhumation?

I am sure Bobby will not like the way his estate will be disposed of. The strong secondary evidences, like the photos, bank remittances to Jinky, the postcards which Bobby sent to Jinky where he signed " Daddy" and even the expensive house and lot that Bobby bought for Jinky in the Philippines, should have been factored in in the disposition of his estate. Jinky will be denied her rightful due to the estate of Bobby Fischer!

As it will appear now, the Targ nephews will collect the estate of Bobby Fischer. Of the three claimants thereon, the nephews are the least favored in so far as Bobby was concerned. The two women closest to his heart are Jinky Young and Miyoko Watai, and if he could just have written a last will, he would have bequeathed his entire estate to the two. I doubt if the Targ brothers would get a single kroner in that will.

As if in a chess game, this is just a post mortem analysis of the moves played in what could appear as the last chapter in the life of Bobby Fischer -- bizarre up to the end.

Samuel Estimo enclosed some old and new pictures of Jinky which have not been published before.

The above picture was taken in 2005 when Jinky, who at the time was four years old, visited Bobby in Reykjavik. "Do you think," Estimo writes, "that Bobby would allow himself to be photographed in such a compromising shot if he didn't consider Jinky as his child?" He also sent us the following recent pictures of Marilyn and Jinky in Manila.

Press release from John Bosnitch
Former Chairman, Committee to Free Bobby Fischer

Immediately following the release of the DNA test results disproving the claim of paternity made against Bobby Fischer, John Bosnitch contacted Fischer's widow Miyoko Watai in Japan to inform her of the findings. When advised of the scientific confirmation that there was no genetic relationship whatsoever between her late husband, World Chess Champion Bobby Fischer, and the young girl from the Philippines, Ms. Watai said calmly: "Naturally, there wasn't." Fischer's widow expressed satisfaction that there could now be definite closure with respect to the entire issue.

Fischer's allies in Japan: Miyoko Watai, president of the Japan Chess Association, John Bosnitch, communications specialist and former junior chess champion [Photos provided in 2004 by Miyoko Watai and Tama Miyake Lung]

Bosnitch contacted ChessBase to convey thanks to the many supporters of the 'Committee to Free Bobby Fischer' who have continued to work to bring a just and fair end to the long dispute over Fischer's estate. In particular, Bosnitch praised Fischer's widow, Ms. Watai, for showing such exemplary grace throughout what he called "this most intrusive procedure" and for maintaining her "characteristic patience and transparent honesty in the face of so many months of unfounded speculation."

In 2005 John Bosnitch was one of the first to greet Fischer at
Tokyo's Narita Airport on his release from Japanese prison...

... and his departure from Japan to Iceland

Bosnitch said the former members of the committee will continue to work toward a full recognition of Fischer's widow as his sole heir. Bosnitch ended his press release to ChessBase with the words: "As she did during his life, she still does now after his death: Miyoko Watai stands by Bobby."

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