First Samba Cup, Skanderborg, Denmark

10/12/2003 – The First Samba Cup is being held fro October 10 to 19 in Skanderborg, Denmark. It is a category 16 with stars like Ivanchuk, Short and Bologan. We bring you games, results, pictures and links.

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First Samba Cup, Skanderborg, Denmark

The venue of the First Samba Cup is the Hotel Skanderborghus, Dyrehaven 3, DK 8660 Skanderborg (Tel. +45-86 52 09 55). The town is located close to Arhus.

With players like Ivanchuk, Short, Bologan, Kasimdzhanov, Sasikiran and PH Nielsen participating it sports a Category 16 and is possibly the strongest ever held in Denmark.

Current Standings

The Skanderborg Ungdomskor (choir) at the openings ceremony

Top seed Vassily Ivanchuk in Kanderborg

Nigel Short, at 2701 one of the favourites to win

The view from the hotel


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